Lascañas should be investigated, made to pay for the “crimes against humanity” he committed! – concerned netizen

While Duterte is being pilloried for allegedly killing thousands of people sans evidence, Lascanas is hailed as the ‘good guy’ in the media.

Blogger Chito L. Pagsanghan shared his sentiment on Facebook after noting that Lascañas is given protection by church. And the worse part? People who are after Duterte’s head see him as a hero.

Pagsanghan laments the church leaders double standard and hypocrisy by turning a blind eye to SPO3 Arturo Lascañas, a self-confessed killer, who murdered 200 people while ostracizing Duterte whom they accused of killing thousands without the evidence to support their allegation.

Check the full text of Chito Pagsanghan below.

“just wondering: what happens to lascañas now? the president is perpetually being pilloried for allegedly murdering people sans any concrete evidence, but what does he get for publicly admitting that he had killed 200 people? for pete’s sake, he is even being given refuge by catholic priests, as lascañas himself insinuated. i also can’t help noticing that others who are really after the president’s head see him as a hero. nakow po!

i think lascañas, too, should be investigated and made to pay for the “crimes against humanity” that he committed! see the discrepancy in the situation? and yet the president is a dictator daw ha!”

Netizen رولاندو ﻻباجو ماتيتوس   concurred with Chito: “He who comes to court must do so with clean hands. Very basic yan.”

Walda Jundam remarked: The senate recommended that perjury should be filed against him based on Sen Lacson’s interview. Sa mga pinatay pa lang nya pwede na syang kasuhan sir chit.”

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