Late Senator Miriam Santiago’s sister speaks up versus rotten apples in UP: We Too Were Victims of this Arrogance

Paula Knack, the equally brilliant sister of the late Miriam Santiago joined the chorus of angry netizens condemning the arrogance of some UP alumni.

However, she quickly changed gear and clarified that all UP alumni are arrogant and rotten apples.

The late Senator Miriam and younger sister Paula are both alumnae of the University of the Philippines but it appears that she harbors some ill-feelings towards her Alma Mater.

Please read the full text of her post below to understand where she is coming from.

“We Too Were Victims of this Arrogance:

Not all of UP is rotten. But there are arrogant rotten apples. It is still the common man’s aspiration for quality education and is on top of the list of best universities in the Philippines by national and foreign sources. Abroad, I always tell everyone I graduated from UP, the state university.

However, I carry the emotional burden and suffering of my sister to this day…… I remember my sister Sen. Miriam was first female Editor in Chief of the Philippine Collegian, no mean feat at all, because it was the only student newspaper read by the President of the Philippines at that time and she called up my parents in Iloilo because if she pursued the “first female Editor-in-chief of the Collegian title” by competitive examinations, she wont be able to graduate magna cum laude anymore from the UP College of Law. My father told her to go for the first female Collegian Editor-in-Chief title title because it is historic and she will be remembered forever. She still managed to graduate cum laude form the UP Coillege of Law (magna cum laude from her undergraduate degree A.B. Political Science ) despite the press work till midnight, studying up to dawn, and closed book recitations daily at the UP College of Law.

Yet, during Erap’s impeachment trial, the UP Collegian staff scrapped my sister’s name from the list of UP Collegian editors and condemned her when all she did was defend a duly elected head of state, Estrada, from mob rule. My sister felt very very bad because of this. She had brought so much honor to UP yet she was disowned by her beloved UP Collegian. I asked her if she wanted me to lash out at them… she said : “No.” but she was visibly sad and teary-eyed.

When she died, she was hailed as best senator of the country and national treasure of our hearts.

Given this behavior by some rotten apples in the basket, some UP graduates can invoke free speech by saying this and that person are not deserving of a doctorate honoris causa, only their political patrons. But I shall also call them out under the same free speech protection when things are not right and in fact, very arrogant. UP produces leaders. The ultimate test is what you became after you graduated. So did you become a leader in your profession ? in the world ? Or did you end up corrupt or mediocre ? May the critics start evaluating themselves FIRST and let me remind them : “YOU DONT SPEAK FOR ALL OF US when you display inexorable arrogance.” The most accomplished people do not care about degrees honoris causa.”

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