Latest scandal: Reporter’s Mom accuses NAIA porter of extortion

If the ‘Tanim Bala’ scandal is not enough to force President Aquino to step in and overhaul the Ninoy Aquino International Airport management from top to bottom, then hopefully, this latest extortion scandal perpetrated allegedly by a porter from the NAIA Terminal will.

Ruel Mendoza of Philstar accused a porter from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport of attempted extortion on her wheelchair-bound mother in a report filed in 24 Oras.

The porter, according to Dalisay Mendoza, the wheelchair-bound mother of the showbiz reporter, brought her to an isolated part of the terminal, away from the airport’s designated waiting area.

The porter bearing the nameplate A. Barra asked for a mobile load while pretending to look after the old woman. The porter also reportedly kept dropping a hint to Mrs. Dalisay Mendoza that Christmas is just around the corner.

The mother of the Philstar showbiz reporter just flew in from the United States via Seoul.

Ruel Mendoza of Philstar says, ‘Why did he pick on a wheelchair-bound woman, because she can’t put up a fight? My mother is already 70 plus. She needs to take her MEDS; she was already starving. I was also starving while waiting for my mother. She traveled all the way from L.A. via Korea then to Manila.’

Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) spokesperson David de Castro was sought for comment and this is what he had to say, ‘The NAIA porters are all outsourced!’

He reminded the riding public that getting the services of porters is optional.

De Castro said, ‘Kung nilapitan kayo, offering their services, you always have the option to decline. So if you would want to carry your own bag, then do so.’

In the report filed by John Consulta of GMA News, the investigation is ongoing to pinpoint the porter involved in the attempted extortion in NAIA.

You may watch the video below:

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