Laugh trip! Kakampink wonders how Leni-Kiko lost in their community when almost all house gates displayed Leni-Kiko tarps!

On Twitter, a Kakampink (name was deliberately hidden to avoid violating FB’s policy on online bullying) tweeted expressing one’s disbelief Leni-Kiko lost to BBM-Sara tandem in their community because in his/her street alone, the gates of houses were plastered with Leni-Kiko tarps.

Enter social media influencer MJ Quiambao Reyes, a staunch PRRD defender and now a supporter of BBM-Sara tandem.

Reyes replied to the tweet of the Kakampink in a straightforward manner: Next time, make sure to have those gates registered.

Netizens who stumbled upon Reyes’ FB post erupted in laughter. In fact, of the 7,218 reactors, 6,500 reactors hit the laugh emoji on Facebook.

Here are some of the entertaining comments from netizens for our amusement.

One netizen wrote that perhaps their gates are pro-Leni but the owners are BBM-Sara supporters.

baka yung gate lang ang maka Leni, yung nakatira maka BBM-Sara 

A second netizen joked that the Kakampink should also make sure to also register not just the gates but also the cars etc..

Sama na nila ang mga kotse, lobo, dekorasyon, stage, halaman, flaglets, payong, sumbrero at mga aso na iparehistro. Pati yung mga nasa google trends at mga taga-ibang bansa na mga indiano.

A third netizen commented that in their community, neighbors used the tarps of Isko and Leni not because they are supporters but to use tarps as sun protectors.

Dto nga banda sa amin nakasabit mga tarpulin Isko at Leni pero nong botohan mga BBMSaRA, kasi pantabing sa init ng araw ang mga tarpulin 🤣

A fourth netizen remarked that in Laguna, almost all the electric post were littered with Leni-Kiko tarps and yet, BBM-Sara won. She joked that perhaps the electric posts did not manage to vote on election day.

Oo nga, hindi kapanipaniwa, sa Laguna nga halos lahat ng poste may LeniKiko. Hindi nga lang yata nakaboto, naka kabit kc sa cable.

Let me end this blog post by leaving you with the comment from a netizen, which in my opinion, best explains how Leni-Kiko lost to BBM-Sara tandem despite having the most number of visible tarps in the community.

Tarps outside but Bbm inside our hearts and mind😂 kaya talo tlga ung nasa labas ng gate n tarp


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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