Lawyer alleges appointments in DOJ, attached agencies clinched via de Lima’s driver-lover

I think I’ve heard it all when speaking about Senator de Lima but not this!

According to DOJ employees, it is widely known that appointments in the department and its attached agencies could be clinched through the driver. Whether money changed hands, that is up for speculation.

On a Facebook post, Atty. Cheryl L. Daytec-Yañgot published the less controversial but equally damning accusation that Senator de Lima’s driver was involved in influence peddling.

Meanwhile, Atty. Daytec-Yañgot reminded the lady senator that when former President Aquino applied the same strategy as Duterte’s, (naming and shaming his political enemies) de Lima once remarked that “there was nothing wrong with it.”

When she was DOJ Secretary of the previous administration, Senator Leila de Lima did not cringe when Aquino named and shamed allegedly errant public officials in his State of the Nation Address (SONA). She, in fact said there was nothing wrong with it.

In addition, Atty. Daytec-Yañgot seemed perplexed why of all things, de Lima has been particularly concerned about threats to make public her alleged sex videos when she was DOJ Secretary. The lawyer could only ask, “What did having a sex video have to do with her job? Did it make her an apostle of injustice?”

Atty. Daytec-Yañgot has a word of advice to de Lima that reads:

The questions she needs to answer are the allegations that she protected drug lords and that her driver who is/was incidentally her lover was the conduit of drug money to her.

Before wrapping up her post, Atty. Daytec-Yañgot has one request to President Duterte that reads:

I say Pres. Duterte should not stop investigating and exposing de Lima. But please limit the exposes to exclude her sexual fetishes.

What can you say about this post?

Source: Atty. Cheryl L. Daytec-Yañgot


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