Lawyer asks AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Galvez to resign from post for making confusing statements on Trillanes’ court martial?

Pro-Duterte lawyer, Karambola mainstay and social media personality Trixie Cruz-Angeles has taken to Facebook to demand the resignation of AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Carlito Galvez Jr. for making confusing statements on Trillanes case, particularly the reconvening of the court martial.

In case you missed it, AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Carlito Galvez Jr. was quoted saying that the AFP has yet to convene the court martial versus Trillanes.

In addition, the Chief of Staff said that AFP gives the civilian court a free hand re rebellion case against Trillanes since it happened at that time when the senator was already a civilian.

Gen. Galvezes statement came days after Makati Branch 148 Judge Andres Soriano dismissed the motion of the DOJ asking for the issuance of the warrant of arrest versus Trillanes for the crime of coup d’etat.

Take note of the first line of Gen. Galvez statement, “AFP wala pa binuong court martial na dirinig sa kaso ni Trillanes” and his statement a month ago because this was exactly the reason why lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles went mad at the AFP Chief of Staff.

You may read Angeles’ FB post below.

Huli ka, Galvez!
Last Sept sinabi mo na ni reconvene mo ang Court Martial ni Trillanes pero iniintay mo ang resolution ng Supreme Court.

Hindi nag issue ang Supreme Court ng TRO, therefore wala ka nang iniintay. Legal ang Proclamation 572 ng Pangulo.

Ngayon sinasabi mo ipauubaya mo sa civilian courts ang kasong rebelyon ni Trillanes? You can’t do that.

Unang una, hindi na court martial sa kasong rebelyon si Trillanes, dahil nung nagpunta sila sa Manila Penn, senador na sya. Ang jurisdiction ng court martial ay sa kasong coup d’etat.

At nag acquire na ng jurisdiction ang Special General Court Martial No.1 kay Trillanes dahil nasa military pa sya when he was arraigned.

Wala kang dangal Gen Galvez. Mag resign ka na!

Netizen Rollgm Virgo shared the sentiment of Atty. Angeles and called for Galvez resignation.

Can anybody file dereliction of duty vs gen galvez for not initiating court martial proceeding vs trillanes which is separate & distinct from civilian court plsss or for gen galvez to resign being a dishonorable officer a afp chief at that 👎🏿👊PD30 pls fire him & appoint an officer worthy of the corps & honor as afp chief pronto plss Sir👍👊

Netizen Jojo Abuso commented that Galvez true color has been exposed. ayun… lumabas din ang tunay na kulay ni gen galvez taeng dilaw din!!

Netizen Hill Jun Plaza Felipe couldn’t help but think that there are still men in uniform who can be bought with money.

Meron pa talagang nababayaran sa loob ng AFP. Dahil sa mga sugapang tulad nito

As of this writing, Angeles’ FB post has gathered 830 shares, 2,738 reactions and 500 plus comments.

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