Lawyer breaks bad news to Trillanes’ supporters: ‘Puedeng ipataw sa kanya ay kamatayan.’

After posting bail for his temporary freedom, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV must have heaved a sigh of relief for avoiding jail for now.


But his freedom may not last long, if lawyer Tom Berenguer’s assertion proves to be correct.

According to Berenguer trending Facebook post, the military tribunal can request branch 150 of Makati Trial Court to turn over Trillanes to their custody.

And if the senator refuses to surrender to the military tribunal, the bail posted by the senator can be cancelled and branch 150 can order the arrest of the senator.

Wag niyo masyado seryosohin na puede mag piyansa si pogi sa kaso sa Branch 150.

Meron pa yung court martial proceedings. Ang mangyayari, yung military tribunal ay irerequest yung Branch 150 na i turn over sa kanila si pogi. Pag di sumuko si pogi para mapasailalim siya sa military tribunal, puede i kansela yung piyansa niya at paarestuhin ng Branch 150.

Pag sumuko naman si pogi, mapapasailalim siya sa military tribunal. Walang piyansa dun. At ang kaparusahan na puedeng ipataw sa kanya ay kamatayan.

Ang puede lang magpawalang bisa sa parusang kamatayan ay ang pangulo bilang commander in chief.

Checkmate ka pogi.

Sino ngayon ang tanga? 🤣🤣🤣


Berenguer’s post has been well received by Trillanes haters who enthusiastically shared it on Facebook.

In fact, the post has been shared more than 1,800 times and reacted more than 3,200 times two hours after it was published on Facebook.

Lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles said that no need to cancel Trillanes bail as soon as the order for Trillanes’ detention is out.

Tom, di kailangan i-cancel. Even if he is bailed out there, the military court’s charge is mutiny. He cannot get out, and no bail is allowed in courts martial. Once the order for his detention is issued, brig na sya.

Meanwhile, netizen Doloris M Manapat feared this would also have an effect on the amnesty issued to Trillanes’ Magdalo colleagues like Faeldon.

Hi Atty Tom Berenguer . I am trying to predict about what is the future of this case. Maybe , if this case will bring in Supreme Court soon. I guess, the Justices ask; Who are the people involved in the Oakwood Mutiny, etc… ? Why Trillanes only? Who are there main leader/s? Why is the president did not issue for those who also participated? I guess, the ripple effect on this will bringing others to the prison like Col. Faeldon.. and the others..

Netizen Randy Lansangan commented that PRRD has already answered this matter right after returning from his Jordan trip. The president answered this after coming back from Jordan, “Its the Presidents prerogative.”

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