Lawyer Bruce Rivera agrees with Palace Spokesman Sal Panelo’s statement, “No transport crisis but traffic crisis.” Read why!

A furious Atty. Bruce Rivera has taken to Facebook to educate netizens the difference between transport crisis and traffic crisis.

Rivera explained that when you say transport crisis, it means there is a lack of transportation facilities. Rivera said Panelo has proven his point there are ample transportation to be able to move around. In fact, we have an oversupply of mode of public transport in our roads and not enough of the rails (trains). That explains why have traffic.

Rivera quizzed netizens what did Panelo prove?

Rivera answered his own question and said we have enough buses, taxis, public road transport to move people around. Yes, traffic is a headache but since we cannot solve the traffic problem because the bureaucracy makes it difficult to do so, we have to go to work early until the Filipinos have enough balls to make painful decisions to solve the traffic problem.

Rivera said he was puzzled why people still don’t know the difference between mass transport and traffic crisis. It may be related but it is not the same. Traffic crisis, Rivera insisted, includes private cars which many from their ranks in media prefer to have because we need the control it provides. Hence, people from the media are part of the problem.

Rivera explained that Panelo was speaking from the vantage point of the executive. They can only do so much for the mass transportation because it also need legislation to encourage a shift in policy to solve the traffic problem. There are enough buses on the road.

Rivera agreed with Panelo that we are not lacking buses. But the problem is our roads. Most of our roads, Rivera remarked are being used other than its intended purpose. For example, our rails, it is using our roads. Rivera said we need more transport spaces not in roads but on the creation of other means of transportation. That requires legislation and forward thinking plus a lot of sacrifices which private car owners have to make. Since that is lacking because apparently traffic is a problem and private car owners also insist unhampered freedom to use our roads, the only way for us to come earlier so we do not be late.

On that note, Rivera said Panelo is right that there is no mass transport crisis because there are enough vehicles to transport people. Traffic is the culprit. That is where there is crisis. Rivera said we are all in agreement with that. Traffic not mass transport. Traffic because we are all part of the problem.

Rivera seemed puzzled why the issue is on mass transport.

Rivera argued that if it was easy to build the rails of trains and fast as building roads, it would be easier to find trains, so that motorists won’t be competing for the roads.

Rivera remarked messing with the Executive is incorrect. Legislate policy is the key. Demanding for it instead of arguing with a seasoned litigation lawyer on terminology and statutory construction.

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