Lawyer Bruce Rivera to Sen. Lacson: “Why picked Bato first? Why not point the accusing finger at senators (including Ping) who voted in favor of RA 10592?

“Ano daw?”  What did he (Lacson) say? Just imagine lawyer Bruce Rivera raising his eyebrow (either one or both) while writing this and soliciting clarification from anyone reading his FB post.

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Rivera reckoned everything has come to this. Blame General Bato for implementing a law that admits of numerous interpretations that resulted in an IRR that was drafted by Senator de Lima from which the handbook was based.

Since Lacson is playing the finger-pointing game, Rivera asked, why picked Bato first? Why not point the accusing finger at your direction who voted in favor of RA 10592?

The House bill, Rivera stated was very simple. Revised Art. 29 of RPC (Revised Penal Code). However, the Senate version inserted additional provisions i.e. Art 94, 97, 98 and 99 that were not part of Art. 29.

Rivera declared that any first-year law student knows this. That is why it became confusing. Rivera recalled it was during the Corona impeachment, the senators including Lacson were very busy thinking how to outshine one another during the proceedings that reading the bill was not in their agenda or perhaps forgotten.

But wait! Rivera noted not one among the senators would confess that they forgot to read (review) the bill, that explained it was passed like a thief in the night. And, they instructed the SOJ (De Lima) and SILG (Roxas) to make the IRR but the senators did not even make a revision and the BuCor and wardens retain the authorities to determine the credits. Worse, it is irrevocable.

“Come on Ping!” Rivera exclaimed!

Did you and your fellow senators not think that the GCTA used to be 5-10 days but you increased it to as high 30 days a month for good conduct even when the convict commits a violation, negating what happened. That explains why even when Sanchez was caught in possession of 1 kl of $habu stashed inside the statue of the V*rgin M@ry, no punishment was handed down. The following month, Sanchez just stood in the corner, perhaps he was so high he thought he was the statue of the N@zarene, and voila! Sanchez earned 30 days credit (good conduct). Rivera asked, who is liable for this stupidity? The one who voted for you (Lacson)?

Rivera said he is a lawyer but when he reads the law (RA 10592 or GCTA law), he found it very confusing. That is why he was sure anyone reading it would make a mistake or would loopholes to make someone slips through the hole.

Rivera, even it was Je$us whom they will appoint as BuCor Chief, Barabas and even Sat@n would walk away as free men if they asked for computation of good conduct with the (quality) law the senators had passed.

Rivera remarked that before Lacson starts pointing fingers and wash his hands like Herodes…he’d better look at the mirror. If he was one of the senators who voted to pass RA 10592, his pointing finger should be dipped first in the sauce of accountability to know where his pointing finger should be pointing at – inside the hole of Lacson’s right nostril, and poke it deeper, hoping it reaches his brain.

Rivera, in sarcastic tone, told Lacson to check if indeed he has brains. Said Lacson’s style is annoying. Rivera asked in jest if the Senate is now a carinderia (eatery). Rivera made the allusion because Lacson now likes finger-pointing.

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Source: Bruce Rivera


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