Lawyer brushes aside Sereno’s accusing Duterte of her downfall and other LP-appointed heads

After the Supreme Court decided with finality on Sereno’s ouster, Maria Lourdes Sereno allegedly blame her downfall to President Duterte.

“This attack on my office was preceded by attacks on other offices. ERC, COMELEC, CHED.”

“She claims that this administration exploited the intramurals within these agencies as a proxy war against its head,” Angeles wrote.

Lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles quickly quashed whatever high hopes left of Sereno to use her ouster and other Pnoy appointed heads who were sacked to stir up public emotions against Duterte and the government with the stroke of her pen, so to speak.

On Facebook, Angeles writes:

The ERC Commissioners were suspended. Not once, twice by an Ombudsman appointed by your own sponsor. How is that the fault of this President Did he file the case?

The COMELEC Chairman couldn’t keep his personal affairs in order and all his bad habits and finances came tumbling out. Now, unless the President ordered Tisha Bautista to file her VAWC case, and invented everything in it, you can’t call this oppression. What this is on the part of the administration is pure dumb luck. All this evidence of wrong doing and outright stealing from government came as a result of his inability to understand that his own wife isn’t corrupt like he is.

CHED? The head resigned when investigations into her spending and trips were getting too hot. Again, how is this the President’s fault? Are you saying it’s ok that our officials spend outrageous amounts of money on trips and… oh yes. YOU spend outrageous amounts of money on trips. My bad. Your standards on the use of public money are a bit, off. And by off, I mean, criminal.

And then there is Sereno herself. But really, she appears to be desperately seeking popular pity, when all the public really sees is the arrogance and entitlement, that caught the ire, not just of her colleagues, but many of those watching her drama unfold.

To wrap up her post, Angeles offers some words of wisdom to Meilou Sereno:

“She really should stop blaming everyone else for what appears to be her own failures and failings.”

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