Lawyer dares Yorme Isko Moreno to a fistfight after his former PR adviser unmasks Manila Mayor as credit grabber

After his brief hiatus after spending a week or more in hospital due to mild covid-19, Yorme Isko Moreno is back with vengeance!

The Manila Mayor has been on the spotlight once again by making incendiary statements versus the Duterte administration.

One of Yorme Isko’s statement that even his former adviser Malou Tiquia can’t help but react was when he told President Duterte to purchase covid-19 medicines before the month of October arrives. (Filing of certificate of candidacy). Yorme went on to ask President Duterte to fire Cabinet members whom he said have no concerned for the Filipinos. What triggered the Duterte supporters even more was Yorme Isko’s bold statement that he will be facing President Duterte in October.

Yorme Isko Moreno’s former PR consultant Ms. Malou Tiquia couldn’t stand the gall of Yorme Isko to claim the all credit for himself in Manila’s covid response.

Tiquia revealed that the Manila Mayor would asked her to talk to Sec. Duque for vaccines where the were no supply at the start, gave health equipments ahead of everyone. She warned that before the public believe everything Yorme says, the national government has extended a lot of help to Manila.

In light of Tiquia’s revelation, Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan of the Luminous aka Luc Ferine took to Facebook taunting Yorme Isko Moreno.

Atty. Ahmed aka Luc Ferine challenged Yorme Isko to a fist fight and told the Manila mayor he will let him experience how it feels to be a karne norte. Simply put, he wants to beat the hell out of Yorme to a pulp.

But before that, Atty. Ahmed aka Luc Ferine told Yorme Isko that he is now exposed and no matter what stunt he does, it will no longer save his political career.

The only thing that can save him, according to Atty. Ahmed aka Luc Ferine, is to accept his challenge. Whether he was serious, let us wait and see should Yorme take his challenge.

Ano na, Isko?

Bistado ka na sa mga kulukadidangs at kasinungalingan mo. Huli ka na.

Wala nang kahit ano pang galaw ang makatutulong sa yo. Wala ka nang ibang pwedeng gawin na makabubuti sa pokanginamo maliban sa isa . At ito ay…


Halika na, Isko. Paparanas ko sa iyo ano ang feeling ng pagiging karne. Yes, karne.

O sige karne norte. Para masustansya.


Source: Luc Ferine

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