Lawyer debunks Makabayan Bloc’s insinuation President Duterte snubs Bayanihan 3

The Makabayan Bloc is the major proponent for the Bayanihan 3. However, while Bayanihans 1 and 2 were certified as urgent by President Duterte and breezed through Congress without hiccups, Malacanang has been very “cold” on Makabayan Bloc’s Bayanihan 3.

Kabataan Party list spokesperson Raoul Manuel made an attempt to diminish President Duterte’s luster in the eyes of the poor and suffering Filipinos by posing a question via a statement they circulated on social media: “Why in the middle of the debate on financial aid or ayuda, it appears that Duterte is sleeping on the issue? Why it appears to them that Duterte is ignoring the efforts pushing for an immediate and enough financial aid for the people? Manuel lamented that Cha-Cha (Charter Change to open up the economy to foreign investors) has been certified as urgent by President Duterte. But in the midst of hardship and hunger among Filipinos, President Duterte has not lifted a finger to certify a bill that hopes to extend aid to the people.”

But thanks to the FB page Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan for the simple and yet brilliant explanation that basically obliterated allegation of Makabayan Bloc President Duterte ignored or appeared disinterested to extend further ‘ayuda’ to suffering Pinoys amid the pandemic.

“Weh. Hindi nag certify as urgent ang Malacañang ng Bayanihan 3 Act dahil lalampas ito sa deficit spending cap ng 8.9%,” the Luminous wrote.

Atty. Trixie went on to explain a few terms for the benefit of the uninitiated.

“Ano ang deficit spending? Yung gumagastos ang gobyerno ng lampas sa kinikita o kinokolekta nito. Ang deficit spending natin nuong 2019 ay 3.4% ng gross domestic product. Pero dahil sa pandemic tumaas ito nuong 2020 to 7.5%, still below our cap of 8.9%, pero palapit na.”

Simply put, President Duterte isn’t keen in supporting Bayanihan 3 of the Makabayan Bloc to manage our deficit spending.

“Minamanage natin ang deficit spending dahil pag sumobra ito, dadami ang umiikot na pera sa ekonomiya at tataas masyado ang inflation.”

“Ito ba ang gusto ng kabilang parlor?” Atty. Trixie asked.

At this juncture, Atty. Trixie addressed the issue raised by Kabataan Party list that President Duterte is sleeping on the job because Congress is in fact working on Bayanihan Act 3. It just so happened that Malacanang did not issue certification of funds availability so the bill is subject to availability of funds.

“Besides, ginawa naman ng Kongreso ang Bayanihan 3 Act. At dahil hindi nag issue ng certification of funds availability ang Executive, meaning walang pera ito sa ngayon, magiging subject to funds available o mapipondohan lang ito kapag may pumasok na pera or may ma-source na ibang pagkukuhanan ito.”

“So, no. Hindi “parang natutulog ang presidente”, binabalanse niya ang needs ng marami now with what we will all need to recover,” Atty. Trixie wrote.

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