Lawyer debunks “walang hustisya” cry of PISTON after “small fines” imposed on Tim Yap & company in Baguio party

The critics of the Duterte administration are saying that the P1500 fine for Tim Yap and company in Baguio City party vs the PISTON jeepney drivers who were arrested during the ECQ and made to pay P18000 is a perfect example of injustice in the Philippines.

Is this true?

Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles of the FB page Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan called this comparison “insane” in her latest FB post.

“Nakakaloka yung mga humihirit na walang hustisya sa Pinas kasi yung mga nag party sa Baguio na fine lang ng P1500 samantalang yung mga PISTON jeepney drivers ay nagbayad ng P18,000”

“Huwet lang. Hindi ganun yon,” Atty. Trixie said this is not true.

First, Philippine cities have different rates when it comes to fines and penalties. For example, violators of quarantine protocols. Therefore, there is indeed disparity.

“Una, kanya kanyang pataw ng parusa ang mga cities. Sila yung maglalagay kung ano yung fine sa violation ng quarantine protocols. So talagang hindi magiging pareho yung parusa.

Second, the PISTON drivers were not detained for violation of quarantine protocols but for resisting arrest.

“Pangalawa, hindi na detain yung mga drivers para sa violation of quarantine kundi sa pag resist ng arrest (disobedience to a person in authority) . Dinadala kasi sa istasyon nuon ang quarantine violators, pero usually sinsermonan lang, walang kulong. Kinulong sila for a crime.

Third, the one-week detention of the jeepney drivers was for the crime and the P18,000 they paid was bail as guarantee they will attend court hearings. In other words, when the case is dismissed, the P18,000 will be refunded.

“Pangatlo, yung pag detain ng higit isang linggo ay para sa krimen at yung binayad nila ay BAIL. Hindi fine yon. Irerefund yon pag na dismiss yung kaso sa kanila. Garantiya yon na magaattend sila ng hearing.

Fourth, the individual drivers were not asked to post P18,000 bail but P3,000 only.

“Pangapat, hindi P18,000 ang binayad ng bawat isang driver, kundi tag P3,000. As stated earlier, piyansa yon.

Fifth, the P1,500 fine in Baguio is for not wearing face mask. Tim Yap asked for permission to hold an event from the city authorities while the rally of PISTON drivers had no permit.

“Panglima, yung fine sa Baguio ay para sa hindi pag suot ng mga face mask. Pero ipinaalam sa Baguio city authorities yung event. Walang permit yung rally ng mga drivers ng PISTON.

Atty. Trixie lamented the sad truth about some people who likes to agitate by trying to make it appear that there is grave injustice in the country. If indeed there was injustice, making people angry over unrelated events is not justified.

“May mga tao talagang sadyang gusto mag agitate. Gustong ipalabas na may matinding injustice dito. Kung meron man, hindi hustisya yung paghikayat ng galit over two UNRELATED events.”

“Wag magpadala,” Atty. Trixie added.

Nakakaloka yung mga humihirit na walang hustisya sa Pinas kasi yung mga nag party sa Baguio na fine lang ng P1500…

Posted by Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan on Sunday, January 31, 2021


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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