Lawyer decries senators’ hypocrisy who censures Parlade when they cannot even censure Trillanes

In a Facebook post, Atty. Bruce V. Rivera decried the hypocrisy of senators who just passed a senate resolution censuring NTF-ELCAC Spokesman Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr. for calling the senators’ threat of defunding the lead agency he is part of, ‘$tupid’.


Atty. Rivera began by recalling the time when a former soldier turned senator called President Duterte all sorts of inappropriate names, which by the way Google and FB loves to filter, in the presence of Senators who are now protesting to the high heavens after a General uttered the word they hate so much only when used against them.

Atty. Rivera remembered perfectly how the senators reacted when the soldier-turned senator disrespected President Duterte in their presence. And now, they are mad as hell of Gen. Parlade’s lack of discipline when they were ‘disrespected’?

“Si former soldier Senator ay tinawag na murderer, tamad, corrupt at baliw, nasa Senado sina Drilon at Lacson. Wala silang ginawa sa bastos na kasamahan nila. Tapos ngayon ay galit sila sa kawalan ng disiplina ni Gen. Parlade nung sila ang binastos.”

Atty. Rivera scolded the senators for expecting the public to respect them when they cannot even disciplined one of their own who maligned and disrespected a legitimate leader like President Duterte.

“Teka, anong klaseng emote ito? When you stand by and do not call out a colleague disrespecting the President, how do you expect to insist on being respected if you condone a convicted mutineer openly malign a legitimate leader elected by the electorate that elected you as well.”

Atty. Rivera reminded the senators an important life lesson – You cannot expect to get what you cannot give. In other words, respect begets respect.

“You cannot expect to get what you cannot give. How are we supposed to feel if the Senator we elected cannot defend our choice to lead us. If they cannot defend the office he respresents, saan sila humuhugot ng hiya at kapal ng pagmumukha.”

“Nung nawalan kayo ng yagbols na natameme ha bang kumakahol ang kakampi ninyo, ano sa palagay ninyo ang iisipin ng sambayanan?” Atty. Rivera inquired.

Atty. Rivera figured that if the senators cannot even tell their rude colleague to quit badmouthing the President, how can they even stop a brave soldier from talking?

“Kung hindi niyo kayang busalan ang asal hayup na kasama, yung sundalong matapang pa kaya?”

“Pataasan ng ihi? Parang aso lang.” Atty. Rivera inquired to end the rant.


Source: Bruce V Rivera

BOW WOW Si former soldier Senator ay tinawag na murderer, tamad, corrupt at baliw, nasa Senado sina Drilon at Lacson. …

Posted by Bruce V. Rivera on Tuesday, April 27, 2021

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