Lawyer explicitly tells Kiko Pangilinan to buy brain gps online in an open letter. Read why!

In case Kiko Pangilinan thinks people have already moved on to the next issue, a lawyer writes an open letter reminding the senator he isn’t done just yet.

If you ask what the fuss is all about, this was the same reason Cynthia Villar lost her temper and breathed down the necks of Bam Aquino and Risa Hontiveros yesterday, if I am not mistaken. You may watch the video below.

Assuming you were done watching the video, let me share the open letter of Ahmed Paglinawan addressed to Kiko Pangilinan, who in a fit of anger, told Pangilinan to “buy a brain gps online”. Why? You may read the post now.

Dear Kiko,

Filing that resolution, which got snafu right at the get-go thanks to your wonderful sense of very decent foresight, does not a case make.
You have to prove the killings were done pursuant to a state policy. Proof, remember? UP Law? Ring a bell?

Yep. Slipping that in there won’t make you the hero, man.

Just made you the dumbest ass again. Making Trillanes slide down to a shameful second. You are neck and neck, toe to toe in all that.
Good job. Here’s a url for an online gadget store. WWW_BRAIN-GPS_COM.

Go buy yourself a GPS device and fucking find your brain. It must miss you a lot by now.

For sure, reading the comments on social media is a form of entertainment, so its always automatic to post comments in the blog post.

Maria Bratikova remarked: “I guaran-damned-tee you a navigator will not work. There’s just no coordinates! Nada nada nada!”

Arnold Esgana wrote: “wondering if the brain misses him?or maybe the brain’s hiding of fear from coming back to its owner. sad brain.😂😂”

Gene Laurenciano said: “If he could be transplanted with a rat’s brain, he’d be ahead a full lenght with antonia.”

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