Lawyer gives detailed explanation what will happen after ATA declared CPP terrorist organizations

Atty. Nick Nañgit of the FB page bearing his name, happily announced the good news to his FB followers – the ATC or Anti-terrorism Council just declared the CPP NPA as a terrorist organization.

Atty. Nick used the term “designation” to describe the action taken by ATC under the ATA of 2020 law.

Atty. Nick went on to explain the implications of the declaration of the CPP NPA as a terrorist organization. 1. The assets or the money of the CPP NPA, especially deposited in the banks can now be freeze. 2. Order the bank to declare the source of the money and when there is a fund transfer, who is/are the recipient(s).

Atty. Nick, who is also an accountant, said this is difficult to manipulate, even if you are an accountant.

Atty. Nick said the next step is the process called “proscription” or the act of banning this in PH law. This is done in the CA and a hearing is in order.

In case the CA declared as such, being a member of the CPP or the NPA is considered a crime. Especially those who give money or recruit individuals to join the NPA or the CPP.

Hence, Atty. Nick remarked that members of Congress and the rallyist who are identified as members of the CPP NPA are vehemently denying the allegation.

In addition. Atty. Nick explained why the Makabayan Bloc members are pushing for peace talks to hide their tracks because the ATA is just new and for sure, they will be implicated especially in the financial aspect.

In other words, the alleged members of the CPP NPA are in panic mode because their connection to the CPP NPA is traceable via the money trail.

Despite their efforts, the truth about their connivance with the CPP NPA will come out no matter what.

For sure, Atty. Nick said they will exercise caution with their public statements because as the saying goes, the fish is caught by its mouth.

Atty. Nick wondered how these CPP NPA collaborators will counter the “designation” when the power of the ATC comes from the law?

Atty. Nick anticipated the defenders of the CPP NPA will go out and question this by filing a certiorari of the ATC’s decision. However, Atty. Nick said they will have a hard time because this is question of fact and beyond the court’s jurisdiction, especially so when there is absence of grave abuse of discretion.

Atty. Nick called this an amusing Christmas gift to the pests in our society.

Ang CPP NPA ay idineklara na ng ATC na mga teroristang organisasyon! Ang tawag diyan ay “designation” sa ilalim ng…

Posted by Nick Nañgit – NCN Law on Friday, December 25, 2020

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