Lawyer goes beast mode after ABS-CBN article paints wrong picture of the situation in Marawi evacuation center

A recent Marawi visitor couldn’t help but called out ABS-CBN on Facebook for an article making false claims about the situations of Marawi evacuees.

In the article dated march 29, 2018, Roxanne Arevalo of ABS-CBN News stated that “families displaced during the Marawi siege last year are asking President Rodrigo Duterte to prioritize their housing needs, not those of former rebels.”

“Some families have been living at a multipurpose building in this town, with only polyester tents helping them live through harsh weather,” wrote Arevalo.

These two issues raised in the article has prompted lawyer Ahmed Paglinawan to write a response on Facebook and correct the wrong impression the article author Arevalo tried to impose upon the reading public.

On Facebook, Paglinawan writes:

“ABS-CBN, I’ve just been to that area of the world. There is no fucking harsh weather there. Last week, there was supposed to be a typhoon there. But I slept outside in a hammock.

Stop fucking lying please.

And did you ever think for a while that if we didn’t take care of the guns and rebels first, there will be no fucking evacuees going back to their land now?

Your narrative reeks of stupidity. Really.”

Netizen David Cueue says the news writer was obviously trying to put down Duterte. “Trying their best to put down a man committed to make the Philippines a better place to live in.”

Jimmy Perez echoes Paglinawan’s sentiment. “Spot on, reeks of stupidity and biased news reporting.”

Roe Limbo remarks this is no brainer since ABS-CBN is the biggest beneficiary of the Aquino’s EDSA (People Power 1 ) “Ang may pinakamalaking nakinabang sa EDSA ng mga Aquino. Masahol pa sa gahasa ang ginawa nila sa mga Filipino.”

Netizen Glo Sed Cruz writes she is sad that ABS-CBN is twisting the situation in Marawi to suit their purpose. “Sad na sila pa ang nag papagulo kalagayan ng mga taga marawi. Twisted sa totoong situation nila doon.”

Your thoughts?

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