Lawyer goes beast mode vs Angel Locsin following the actress’ letter of apology in latest FB post

In another installment of his FB series with the title “Ubos na Katol”, Atty. Nick Nañgit went beast mode against Angel Locsin following the actress sudden about face – saying sorry to fellow Kapamilya artists.

Atty. Nick could not help but ask if the Kapamilya actress issued the statement to save face?

Yes. You read it right. Atty. Nick said Angel Locsin apologizing to fellow artists was but a face-saving move.

On that note, Atty. Nick quickly shifted gear and began cursing at Angel Locsin, calling the Kapamilya actress a fool. He said that’s the tone of her speech in the street protest. An indignant Atty. Nick asked Locsin if she thinks the public are stupid like she is? Insulting the public for what? To do cross-stitch, ML or DOTA? Atty. Nick bared the real intention of Angel Locsin, that everyone in the Kapamilya network will join the street protest, no matter if a pandemic is ravaging the country.

Besides, Atty. Nick sounded puzzled how will Angel Locsin differentiate those who refuse to join the street protest because of covid and from those who refuse to join without any valid reason? Who can tell the difference, you Angel Locsin? Atty. Nick described Angel’s demeanor dictatorial. He can’t help but wonder if Angel is the Red’s agent? Atty. Nick said Angel acts like Reds. He asked if that’s because he was a scholar when she was in elementary and a swimmer? A role model?

Now, she is saying sorry to those who felt offended? Atty. Nick asked Angel Locsin who she’s trying to fool? He said what Angel did was intentional. Supposedly, she should have used her brain as a former scholar in elementary, before she started cackling in the streets.

And, what speaking out was she talking? Atty. Nick asked. In the 12 sessions at the House of Representatives, her Bosses were given the chance to talk, but what?

‘NGANGA!’ Atty. Nick revealed what happened.

Atty. Nick asked if the chance given to them during the hearing wasn’t enough? They even forced themselves in the agenda of the Lower House, when Congress should have prioritize other important bills far more more important than their franchise. Which by the way has been neglected by their Boss since 2014. And now that their request for a franchise has been denied, they are not going to respect the decision?

An obviously annoyed Atty. Nick asked why did they submit to the hearing in the first place? If that was the case, they should have snubbed it and went straight to the streets. Anyway, if that what annoys them.

Atty. Nick told Angel Locsin that the call for unity or magkaisa is already worn out or jaded. That slogan has been used since 1986 to fool people, but the evil he said won’t triumph. He described EDSA as ‘nilangaw’, many decades have passed. He asked Angel’s opinion if EDSA will be replicated? Fool! Atty. Nick told Angel in an emphatic tone if she answers in the affirmative.

Atty Nick said only one thing Angel said was correct, ‘Wag magpagamit.’

Yes, that’s right! Angel Locsin should not allow herself to be used.

‘Oo, IKAW ANG WAG MAGPAGAMIT! ‘Para di ka lumobo ng husto! 😡👹😈’ Atty. Nick ended the FB post teasing Angel Locsin not to allow herself to be used so that she won’t gain weight.

Check out the screenshots of Atty. Nick’s FB post below.

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Source: Nick Nañgit – NCN Law

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