Lawyer on Leni Robredo saying we can’t survive with another Duterte in Malacanang: “Baka hindi magsurvive ang partido NINYO”

Leni Robredo’s statement that the country might not survive with this kind of governance (another Duterte in Malcanang) has been met with raised eyebrows from netizens, including the Luminous.

WE? Anong ‘WE can’t last another six years with this kind of governance’? The Luminous asked Leni Robredo if she was just alright.

The Luminous said that Robredo should speak for herself and that its her party whom she feared might not survive. “Speak for yourself. Baka hindi magsurvive ang partido NINYO.”

Of course, Luminous did acknowledge that under Duterte, things could have been better but thankful that Leni’s allies were not in power because it could have been much, much worse.

“And while we at Luminous acknowledge that things could be better, we KNOW that it would be a lot worse if you and your barkada were in charge.”

Lest they forget, the Luminous slammed Robredo for being presumptuous and for the audacity to say that Sara would bear the country’s interests in mind. The Luminous defended Mayor Sara, saying it was the Duterte supporters who are egging her to join the presidential derby because they know Sara would.

“One more thing. Presumida ka madame. You wish Mayor Sara would bear the country’s interests in mind? KAMI po naguudyok sa kanya. And we are doing that because we KNOW she will.”

“Enough said,” the Luminous remarked to end the tongue-lashing.

As of this writing, the Luminous’ post has generated 10,152 reactions, 1,800+ comments and 475 shares and counting.

Here are some of the angry reactions from netizens on Robredo’s presumption that the country won’t survive if another Duterte is the next president of the Philippines.

“We can’t last another six years”. If ‘we’ means your beloved LP, sobrang matutuwa kami! Yung mga disente kuno pero pinayaman lang ang friends at lalong pahirap sa mga Pilipino, never again!!!”

An annoyed netizen urged Robredo to run not for President but to her home province because the country cannot survive of another 6 years of Robredo whining.

“Just run Madumb VP, run! Wala ng satsat! We can’t last another six years of you whining! You know from your heart that you will not win in any elective position. So, we urge you to run, run to your native province and rest in the comfort of your home. That’s the best patriotic way you can do to our country.”

“It’s the people who ask her to run to be the next president. Unlike you, who is dying to run but so sad there’s no group pushing you to run and willing to gamble their resources just to lose. You are just so bitter. If i were you, I ‘d rather shut my mouth,” a netizen told Robredo in an emphatic tone.

“dear Vp. please lang this kind of governance we really need. that’s it, and please shut up,” chimed in another.


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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