Lawyer on Leni Robredo’s Customs system overhaul proposal: “Ayan na naman si VP MEMA. You had your chance and did not act on it!”

After a week of silence since President Duterte gave the order to the military to take over the Customs, VP Leni Robredo thumbs down the idea and says militarization is not the solution to the Customs woes.

Instead, Robredo wants President Duterte to do a system overhaul of the Customs to put an end to corruption in the Bureau.

Lawyer Bruce Rivera, a staunch Duterte supporter on social media, was so triggered by Robredo’s nerve to criticize PRRD’s boldest solution to end corruption in the Customs.

Rivera told Robredo to shut up if she couldn’t offer an alternative solution to the problems of the BoC.

Otherwise, making general statements without a viable solution to a problem, then she is just noise. Useless noise.

Rivera remarked that what Robredo’s suggesting is something the government should have done before.

Rivera said that she should have raised this idea when her husband was still the DILG Secretary so that he could have told Pnoy about her idea.

Rivera added she could have filed a bill to make her proposal of system overhaul when she was a Congresswoman.

Unfortunately, Leni had her chances but she did not act on it.

Rivera ended the post with an appeal to Robredo, “we need you to keep quiet because we all need to think and your noise is drowning our thoughts.”

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Madame, wala ka naman masyadong trabaho, pati ba pag-iisip ng mabuti, di mo pa kayang gawin.

Ang militarization is a term used when you allow the military to take over something they are not supposed to do. But our Constitution made the AFP the protector of the Filipino people. And as President, Duterte can call on the military to help out. Hindi kailangan may lawless violence, invasion or rebellion because that is for the declaration of martial law. Still, PRD can call the military to protect the Filipino people kasi hindi naman ang PNP ang inatasan ng 1987 Constitution na maging protector ng bayan.

Drugs entering our ports pose a threat to everyone. It empowers the druglords and it destroys the lives of the addict and his family. And if the BOC is rendered inutile to stop it because of the institutionalized corruption, then what is the fastest solution, call the military to put them on guard. Put some mechanism if checks and balance that is the problem why drugs enter despite PRD’s campaign. Nakabantay na nga nakakalusot pa, paano na kaya sa panahong walang nakabantay. Kaya nga halos binebentang palugi ang droga sa panahon ni PNoy dahil andaming supply. Di ba nga, alam ni Mar paano maka-score ng shabu kahit sa Davao na grabe ang pagbabantay.

And what you are suggesting is something the government should have done before. Sana nung DILG ang asawa mo, naisip mo sabihan siya na total overhaul ang kailangan sa customs para naisabi niya kay PNoy. O di kaya nung Congresswoman ka, ginawa mong panukalang batas yan. Bakit ngayon ka magsusuggest ng ganyan when you had your chance and did not act on.

Ipokrita kasi ang labas eh. And I mean it with such good intentions. The same good intentions as Sr. Fox when she attended the rally after she was told it was a violation of her visa conditions.

Please tell us something we do not already know. Tell us something creative. Something you have more time to think because wala ka namang ginagawa kundi magbiyahe at pumuna sa lahat ng mali ni PRD. And think of this, kung sa palagay mo ay feasible ang overhaul, can you at least give us your plan of action? How it is doable and its mechanisms. Kasi malamang naisip na yan ni PRD pero napaisip siya na kung tatanggalin niya lahat ng nasa BOC, sino ang magtrain sa mga ipapalit niya at gaano kabilis ang training para maging effective sila. At higit sa lahat, kung paano sila kakainin ng sistema ng pera.

Kasi kung may maganda kang plano, sabihin mo how your proposal can work. Kasi if nagsasabi ka lang ng general statements without a viable solution to a problem, then you are just noise. Useless noise. And we need you to keep quiet because we all need to think and your noise is drowning our thoughts.

Pakiusap lang.

Bruce Villafuerte Rivera

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