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Lawyer on Poe’s ‘bit excessive’ remark of Maria Ressa’s arrest: “When ex-PGMA was illegally held by de Lima, did you open your mouth?”

The arrest of Rappler’s Maria Ressa as a result of a cyberlibel case filed by a private citizen has created quite a stir on social media.

Re-electionist Senator Grace Poe, despite being leading the senatoriable in the SWS and Pulse Asia surveys and shoo-in for another senate term, couldn’t restrain herself from commenting on the Maria Ressa issue, describing the arrest ‘bit excessive’.

For making an unnecessary comment on the Maria Ressa issue, Senator Grace Poe has earned the ire of lawyer Bruce Rivera who didn’t bat an eyelash to remind the senator how tongue-tied she was when her friend PNoy was the President and hounded by many issues like the illegal arrest of exPGMA at NAIA etc..

You may read the full post below now.


Ayun sa SWS, ikaw ang undisputed number 1 sa pagkasenador. So hindi ka maapektuhan kung tatahimik ka lang. But no…kailangan mo talagang magpakatrapo. I understand Jerry Manicad because the journalist in him felt uneasy. But you?

If I am not mistaken, when GMA was illegally held by Sen. Leila de Lima despite an existing SC order, it was an arrest that was patently illegal, did you open your mouth?

I am not a fan of GMA but it was not only excessive but it was illegal. Nobody was crying foul even the CHR. Even Rappler. You did not hear Amanpour or Albright shout in disgust. After all, it was a patently illegal detention which was later cured by another warrant of arrest issued. Daming mali dun pero bakit quiet ka nun.

Speaking of excessive, naalala mo kung bakit 120 police ang kailangan pata ihatid si Napoles from her detention facility to the courts. Parang si Hannibal Lecter si Napoles sa dami ng pulis eh limang pulis lang, isa bawat kamay at paa tapos isang magdrive ng kotse, pwede naman. Di kayo nagreact na excessive. Ilang NBI ang pinadala ni PNoy to arrest her? Pero wala kayong reaction.

Ito ang tanong ko, dahil ba ito kasi may simpatiya ka sa kababayan mo na Filipino-American? Oh I am sorry, at one point, American ka lang pala. But please tell me how it is excessive?

When the warrant was issued February 11, 2019 and Ressa waa informed as early as February 12. Bakit kailangan niya hintayin na dumating ang NBI sa office niya para magpost ng bail? Pwede namang magbail siya before niya pinuntahan ng NBI. Si Trillanes nga kahit sa Davao City RTC hindi hinuli kahit balwarte ng mga Duterte yun. Pinabail siya without event.

So when the warrant was served at 5pm at hindi siya nakabail, excessive na ba yun kung partly kasalanan niya for not acting on her bail on time. All she needed was show up in court. Kahit 4:59pm pa yan, sigurado akong may judge na tatanggap ng bail. Pero kung sa Night Court ka magpopost ng bail, hindi naman commitment order yan na pwede magrant agad ng bail.

Madame Senator, I was never a fan despite your immense popularity. I only based it on my gut and your character. Ang pasalamat ko lang sa yo ay dahil sa yo, hindi nanalo ang LP. Dahil sa ambisyon mo, you divided the votes. So Duterte won.

So, do not think the LP has forgotten that. And the DDS will also not forget that because you did not run as Vice ni Mar, you pave the way for Leni.

Pero, mananalo ka pa din. Andami pa kasing tanga eh.

Bruce Villafuerte Rivera

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