Lawyer on Pokwang defending Leni Robredo: She managed to uplift and demean mothers. Kaya pinatulan ko. Ipokrita eh

Marietta Subong aka Pokwang issued a statement defending Leni Robredo from insinuation she used her daughter as bait of their propaganda to attack BBM.

According to Pokwang, as a mother Leni Robredo would never do that to her daughter just to win an election. However, Pokwang said that she knew a mother who raised her child using taxpayers’ money. Crazy, right? Pokwang asked.

Pokwang’s statement did not make Atty. Bruce Rivera very pleased.

In a Facebook post, Atty. Bruce said since Pokwang wanted her opinion heard, she should have avoided the mistake of contradicting herself. He added that Pokwang managed to achieve 2 things. One, she uplifted one mother while demeaning another. Because of such statement, Atty. Bruce called Pokwang a hypocrite.

Atty. Bruce agreed that all mothers don’t want to put their children in harms way, much more sacrifice one’s children in the name of ambition. However, when Robredo entered politics, she knew how dirty politics is. She should have protected her daughter.

Atty. Bruce agreed that all mothers will do anything for their children. He said he can understand parents who will steal so that their children can eat. What he cannot understand is a mother who is willing to destroy rivals based on hearsays.

In a sarcastic tone, Atty. Bruce praised Pokwang for the audacity to make a comparison between two mothers – one is incapable of doing wickedness because she is mother but in the same breath, she also condemned another mother for raising a child using stolen money from the national coffers.

Finally, Atty. Bruce chided Pokwang for turning the issue into a gender issue by using the word “ina” which he said should not have been the case. Parents, Atty. Bruce said, will always be parents. Committing a crime is not a monopoly of the father or mother. Likewise, doing the opposite is not a monopoly of fathers and mothers.

You may read Atty. Bruce original FB post below.

Alam niyo, kung magcocomment si Pokwang dapat yung hindi contradict ang sarili niya.

Kasi lahat ng ina ayaw pasamain anak at ilaglag dahil sa ambisyon. Pero nung pinasok niya ang pulitika, alam niya na madumi yun. Dapat mas naprotektahan niya.

At lahat din gagawin ng ina para sa kanyang anak. Maiintindihan ko ang magnakaw para ipakain sa anak. Ang hindi ko maintindihan ang ina na kayang siraan ang kapwa ina base sa tsismis at sabi sabi ng iba.

Ang galing magsabing hindi magawa dahil isang ina tapos may isang ina nga magnanakaw.

Sa pagamit pa lang ng “ina” ginagawa niyang gender issue ang hindi dapat. Kasi ang magulang ay magulang. Kung gagawa ng masama ay hindi ama or ina lang. Kung gagawa ng mabuti ay hindi ama or ina lang.

In short, in one statement, she managed to uplift and demean mothers. Kaya pinatulan ko. Ipokrita eh.


Source: Bruce V. Rivera

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