Lawyer rebukes Senator Drilon for calling President Duterte’s changing & shifting VFA stance flip-flopping?

Haters gonna hate, so they say.

This is best typified by Senator Frank Drilon who called President Duterte’s ever changing and shifting stance on the Visiting Forces Agreement “flip-flopping”.

Drilon remarked that Duterte’s flip-flopping validates the senate’s stance that foreign policy should be a shared power and responsibility between the President and the senate.

The Luminous, especially Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles, disagrees with Senator Drilon calling the President flip-flopping.

Atty. Trixie remarked that Drilon just want to put a leash on the President’s discretion, particularly President Duterte,

“Aysuuuus… gusto nyo lang itali yung discretion ng presidente. THIS PRESIDENT in particular.”

While Senator Drilon expressed negativity on President Duterte’s flip-flopping stance, Atty. Trixie lauded the President because his policy criticized by Drilon got us more from the Americans.

“Yet the leverage afforded by this flipflopping position got us more concessions from the Americans.”

Atty. Trixie can’t help but call Drilon’s tirade as nothing more than politicking contrary to those whose intention is for the country’s interest.

“Kaya halata tuloy yung mga taong nananamantala para sa pulitika as opposed sa mga may tunay na hangarin para sa bansa.”

“Salamat Duterte,” said Atty. Trixie.

As of this writing, the Luminous FB post has generated 5,407 reactions, 837 comments and 209 shares in just 5 hours and counting.

Netizens dived into the comment section to post their indignant reaction to Senator Drilon’s statement.

“Kasi… iba talaga iyong Presidente natin ngayon compared to you. Iyong Presidente natin ngayon, mayroon siyang “bargaining power”. Kayo tuta kayo ng USA or UE or etv… etc… or willing kayong magpa-tuta sa mga iyon… 🙂 Basta we go with our President. Kung may mapapala kaming mas lamang… doon kami. Kung wala, eh di leave it. Ganoon lang ka-simple.”

“I join PRRD on whatever works for the BEST INTERESTS OF THE FILIPINOS now and in the years ahead.What’s the use of getting into an agreement if the Philippines won’t benefit from it anyway THE WAY IT SHOULD without even having to beg for it?I still support PRRD on his decision with the VFA because I am certain, unlike with the others in the past, PRRD WILL NEVER SELL OUT the interests of this country to any foreign nation, no matter how mighty they may be,” said another.

A third netizen wrote: “Senator Drilon, it’s clear that you know nothing about the art of negotiation…. The reason why PRRD was so hard with the VFA because he knew it would give the Philippines an upper hand when doing any negotiations with the US. He wanted better military assets; he wanted the vaccines, which were held hostage by the US before.The US delivered what PRRD wanted for the PH, so he let the VFA to continue…Kaw tagala, Drilon… tagal mo na sa gov’t, di mo alam ang mga strategic moves na yan?

A fourth netizen remarked: “Foreign policy is within the president’s responsibility and it its should not be one sided.. Flip flop oh yes meaning he knows how to play the game… he’s not a lowly ally that will just say yes to US terms kahit lugi na ang pinoy. He works around the means and make the most for the Filipinos sake. Di gets ng dilaw kasi sila tuta lang ng America ung konting himas at treats OK na. Si PRRD – guard dog… Kakahol at kakagat Kung kailangan.”


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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