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Lawyer rectifies Isko’s “BBM will seek revenge against his political enemies” statement hence public should not vote for him

Like Ping, BBM and Leni, Boy Abunda asked Isko the final question to cap the interview: Bakit hindi dapat iboto si ________?

Isko answered Ping is ok. Isko said the public should not vote for Robredo because if she wins, she will seek revenge against Marcos and Duterte. Likewise, if Marcos does win, he will get back at the Dilawans and Pinklawans.

Lastly, Isko assured the public he will not seek revenge against anyone.

On that note, Atty. Trixie of the Luminous wasted no time and head to Facebook to correct Isko Moreno’s statement about Marcos getting back at his enemies because BBM never said about persecuting the people who drove them into exile or any other political enemies. BBM simply wants to push the country forward. If I may add, he wants to unite the Filipinos, not divide by settling scores with their tormentors.

Here are some of the reactions of netizens below.

That question tells a lot about the character. Leni and Isko chose to answer it. They are both trying hard to get their ratings up. Truth is.. BBM is light years away from their standing. Lol. Nice try.  E for Effort. Bagsak pa rin.

When people have no good arguments they tend to end up being rude and offensive- the only way out for those who unfortunately lack reasonable defence.

That’s the way to shoot your foot! My undecided friend was almost swayed to him,but with that phrase ng paghihigante “kuno ni BBM”,she now solidifies her vote to BBM!

Meanwhile, one netizen debunked Isko’s statement that he is one to get settle score with.

walang paghihigantihan, pero sino ba yun ordinaryong tao na pinatawag nya sa city hall at yun pinadampot nga sa baguio..(naalala ko lng)

You may now read Atty. Trixie’s original FB post below.

Tito Boy: Bakit hindi dapat iboto si Ping Lacson?
Isko Moreno: Ok lang naman iboto si Ping…
Tito Boy: Bakit hindi dpat iboto si Leni Robredo?
Isko : Maghihiganti sya sa mga Marcos at Duterte.
Tito Boy Abunda: Bakit hindi dapat iboto si BongBong Marcos?
Isko: Maghihiganti sa dilawan at pinklawan.
Tito Boy: Bakit dapat iboto si Isko Moreno?
Isko : wala akong paghihigantihan.

Luminous: Mayor Isko! BBM never said anything about getting back or getting even with the people who drove them into exile or any other political enemies. He simply wants to push the country forward.


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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