Lawyer regrets wasting his younger years studying in UP Diliman only to find out that ‘history is the truth’ as per Herlene Hipon Budol’s statement

Herlene Hipon Budol sat down with Karen Davila for an interview and in the said interview, the journalist asked the comedienne turned beauty queen runner up in the just concluded Binibining Pilipinas 2022 beauty pageant her take on Ella Cruz’s ‘History is like chismis’ statement.

As you’ve already know, Herlene Hipon Budol’s response has been very controversial, earning her mixed reactions from both sides of the political camps, depending which side you are on.

If you are a Dilawan and an anti-Marcos, I bet you were applauding for Ms. Herlene Budol as soon as you listened or read her statement. Otherwise, you would be uttering expletives or swearing you won’t be watching her vlogs in anger. Lol

Herlene Budol’s statement to Ella Cruz’s ‘History is like chismis’ statement raised the eyebrows of pro-Marcos admin crowd, including Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan of the Luminous.

In a Facebook post, Atty. Ahmed expressed regret, in sarcastic tone, for wasting his younger years studying in UP Diliman including epistemology, a branch of Philosophy and several languages only to find out that history is the truth as per Herlene Budol’s statement.

Atty. Ahmed also took a swipe at Karen Davila whom he said her Socratic method was the only means to fetter out the unadulterated truth.

You may now read Atty. Ahmed’s original FB post below.


Nag-aral ako ng history sa UP;

Nag-aral ako ng epistemology, saklaw ng philosophy;

Nag-aral ako ng Ingles, Filipino at Espanol;

Sa lahat ng taong inubos ko sa pag-aaral, ngayon ko lang nalaman na ang history pala ay katotohanan.

Salamat sa babaeng ito at ako ngayon ay naliwanagan; at labis nang maalam. Di ko naman pala kinailangan aralin ang mga positivists, empiricists, verificationists at falsificationists; Nagsayang lang din pala ako ng oras na basahin si Kant, Wittgenstein, Rorty at Derrida; Walang kwenta naman palang iskolar ako ng bayan; Puro kalokohan lang naman pala yan.

Kasi ang Socratic Method lang pala ni Karen Davila ang magpapalutang ng ganap, wagas at dalisay na kaalaman.

At ito ay:


Yawa ning kinabuhi-a. Mag hikog na lang diay ko ini. Puslan man, ginoo ko.



Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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