Lawyer reminds Sen. Bong Go supporters other presidential aspirants except BBM are ok with sending PRRD to be imprisoned by the ICC

In the wake of Senator Bong Go’s official withdrawal from the presidential race, some of SBG’s ardent supporters are now thinking of jumping ship to other presidential aspirants whose family name is not Marcos.

On that note, newly promoted Deputy Prosecutor of Caloocan, Atty. Darwin Cañete took to Facebook to appeal to SBG supporters to think twice before voting for presidential candidates other than BBM, who are ok with sending PRRD to be jailed by the ICC.

Atty. Darwin made special mention of Leni Robredo who made public announcements about being ok with PRRD getting tried by the ICC.

Netizens jumped into the comment section to express their sentiment on the issue. Majority seemed to agree with Atty. Darwin as shown in the comments below.

Exactly and there are SBG diehards who justify their loyalty to him synonymous to their loyalty to PRRD that they rather now support Isko just to avoid BBM – strangely contradicting themselves.

Bong Go’s diehard supporters would instead support Ka Isko? 😅 Well, Ka Isko hasn’t been very loyal to his previous teammates. And he has close ties with Joma Sison. Why would anyone even risk putting Pinas in a precarious situation just because some people are adamant Bong Go should have run for the Presidency? 😎 But GO ahead if any of these people insist. Walang basagan ng trip.😊

What’s to hate about BBM. Some of his supporters are toxic but NOT HIM. In fact in spite of what PRRD said about him, he never withdrew his support for Digong.

Its not that Duterte be tried by ICC but by the fact that they would allow foreigners to encroach on the sovereign powers(judicial) of the Philippines would be a bigger weight to our decision on selecting BBM.

Korek si BBM lang ang kandidato na hindi isusubo si PRRD sa ICC. Remember sabi ni kaISKO hahayaan nya ang ICC na gawin ying dapat kay PRRD. Tapos yung iba ipapalit si ISKO kasi umatras na si BG. Kung talagang mahal nyo si PRRD bakit kayo lilipat kay KaISKO?!

Tanging si BBM lang ang willing mag protect kay PRRD. Even ka isko/hunyango ay nagsabi ring hindi nya pipigilan ang ICC. tapos ngayon iboboto nya si Prrd! Ka isko, wag kami! Kain suka ka!

You may now read Atty. Darwin Cañete’s original FB post.

Eto lang…no matter if you hate BBM…just remember the other candidates are ok with sending PRRD to be imprisoned by the ICC. Lalo na si Madumb. Siya pa magpapakulong. Wala kang kuwentang supporter pag pumayag ka diyan.


Source: Darwin Cañete

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