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Lawyer reveals why Trillanes prefers going to SC despite rift with 7 SC justices over Sereno quo warranto case

Antonio Trillanes IV news update

Antonio Trillanes IV news update

So Senator Antonio Trillanes IV announced to reporters that one of the legal remedies his camp is strongly considering is going to the Supreme Court to question legality of Duterte’s proclamation 572.

Here’s how CNN Philippines to explained Proclamation 527:

Amnesty granted to Trillanes was void from the start because he did not comply with the minimum requirements to qualify under the Amnesty Program. It said Trillanes never admitted guilt for the coup attempts, failed to take an oath and formally apply for amnesty.

Take note. Trillanes’ getting favorable SC decision appears nil after his Magdalo buddy Rep. Gary Alejano filed an impeachment case against the seven (7) SC justices in relation to the Sereno case.

Despite the gloomy prospect, Trillanes would rather go to the SC than go to a military trial.

Lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles took to Facebook to share her intriguing theory behind Trillanes picking the Supreme Court over court martial.

Read the post below for your reference.

Sen. Trillanes has the chance to oppose the issuance of the warrant of arrest and question the legality of Proclamation 572 in the proceedings in Branch 148 Regional Trial Court of Makati. Instead he went to the Supreme Court.

This gives me reason to believe that it’s the court martial he is really afraid of.

You see, the court martial isn’t under the administrative supervision of the Supreme Court. And appeals from its decision go up to the Chief of Staff then the President. It is part of the Executive and NOT the Judiciary.

Only matters concerning grave abuse of discretion can go from the court martial to the Supreme Court.

In a court martial, his ultimate fate will be decided by the President on the recommendation of a jury of officers senior to him.

He is sooooooooo in trouble there.

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