Lawyer says Duterte only President to say we deserve better, allowing dilawans to return to power not an option

‘This. Because we deserve nice things.


Essentially, the opening lines from the FB post of Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles of the FB page Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan should make dilawans be very afraid because once Filipinos embrace this mantra fully – that we deserve more than what the dilawan politicians have given us in terms of infrastructures and services in the last 30 years or so – they might as well forget any hope of political comeback in the next 100 years or so.

Unless, the political party that President Duterte will be leaving us behind, will fuck up or squander whatever goodwill he will be leaving behind.

Moving forward, Atty. Trixie recalled the words of President Duterte when he saw Filipinos lining up as early as 4AM for passports.

‘Remember when Duterte was newly elected? He caught sight of people lining up at 4am for passports. And he told officials: “Tignan nyo yan! Hindi ba kayo naaawa sa taong bayan?”’

Atty. Trixie remarked it must have been a very uncomfortable sight for President Duterte, knowing government officials don’t experience such things like ordinary Filipinos. She lamented that the yellow governments that came before don’t give a fuck whether ordinary Filipinos suffer as long as they have privileges.

‘And it WAS EMBARRASSING because government officials do not have to line up for their passports, like the rest of us do. And the yellow governments that came before? Pakialam nila kung hirap tayo. Basta sila may privileges.’

Atty. Trixie went on to cite two areas where the previous dilawan governments simply did not pay much attention because she alleged that serves their interest, specifically the sectors of public education and transportation.

‘The public schools were limited in what they taught kasi “pwede na yan” para sa ating mga hampas lupa. Keeping many of us poor and ignorant and unable to compete with the rich who either were in public office or dictated who got to sit.

‘Public transportations was ridiculous. Trains were being left to rot. The MRT was pillaged and plundered and never mind that it broke down so much because these yellow colored assholes running our government dont fcking ride these things.’

Atty. Trixie also added that the dilawans have low regard for the poor Filipinos. They think poor Filipinos have no appreciation for the beautiful things in life and only wanted to be treated like dogs who are happy with anything his rich owners throw at him.

‘And cleaning up Boracay and Manila Bay? Ayaw nila. Because the average Pinoy does not need nice things. Bigyan lang daw ng pagkain. Or whatever na gusto nilang ihagis sa ating mga patay gutom.’

Because of this, Atty. Trixie concluded that Filipinos deserve better and allowing the dilawans to return to power is no longer an option.

‘And that is why hinding hindi na dapat tayo bumalik sa mga gagong nagnakaw, nagpabaya at nangmata sa atin.’

Atty. Trixie remarked that only one President cared enough to say, “Don’t you take pity on poor Filipinos?”

Only one president ever said that we deserve better. Only one president cared enough to say, “Di ba kayo naaawa?”

And only one President who wants better in everything for all Filipinos.

‘Only one president said he wants us to have a more comfortable, healthy and beautiful life.’

Atty. Trixie ended the FB post with food for thoughts for the dilawans.

‘So in your face you ignorant yellow cretins who think things will ever go back to the way they were. We deserve better.’

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Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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