Lawyer says MJ Lastimosa’s Grab story time is Valentine 2.0. Read why!

Former Bb. Pilipinas MJ Lastimosa made “kwento” on social media her encounter with a Grab taxi driver.

According to Lastimosa, the Grab driver asked her if she was the actress to which she flatly denied. The Grab driver asked if she was MJ Lastimosa to which she denied again. She said she must have convinced the Grab driver she was not a celebrity thus the end of conversation.

Lastimosa did not end her story and shared a tip to fellow celebs how to handle fans who are very eager to strike a conversation with their idols when opportunity arises.

Lastimosa said that celebrities should just deny when recognized by fans. She said if politicians deny what they stole from the public funds, celebrities too have the right to deny when good looks is their only wealth.

On that note, Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan of the Luminous went on to Facebook to tell MJ Lastimosa the hard truth.

What hard truth? If beauty is the only wealth she owns, then she must be very poor. But still, this is ok. Because no one can steal her wealth. It’s hers alone.

That is why there was no point in lying to the Grab taxi driver that she was not an actress, if indeed she is an actress. Only to confess on social media that she is indeed an actress.

Atty. Ahmed asked Lastimosa if she ever tried thinking? That kind of wealth is better than beauty, he said.

Kwentong Grab. Valentine version 2.0
Ate, kung ganda lang ang yaman mo, kapos-palad ka na nyan.
Pero ok lang. Yang yaman mong yan, walang nanakaw dyan. Sayong-sayo lang yan.
Bat ka magsisinungaling na di ka artista kung artista ka talaga? Tas aaminin mo rin lang pala sa social media.
Na-try mo nang mag-isip? Mas ok na yaman yun.


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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