Lawyer seeks Janella Salvador’s opinion on these 5 gov’t plans of PBBM since she appears to be smart aleck in a quote card attributed to her

Kapamilya actress Janella Salvador, who plays Valentina of the ABS-CBN series “Darna”, basically tried to hit birds with one Darna stone, pun intended, by issuing a pointed remark at President Marcos and his administration while at the same time promoting the TV series Darna by quipping that many Filipinos are scared of “babaeng ahas” (traitor) but she downplayed it, saying what is more scary than “babaeng ahas” are politicians who are in power but until now have no plans for the country.

Ms. Salvador’s pointed jab at the Marcos admin did not sit well with Atty. Ahmed of the Luminous who wrote a reaction post on FB to turn the tables around at the Kapamilya actress.

In a sarcastic tone, Atty. Ahmed wrote that he like women who talk tough, especially women who disrespect people or things that are generally taken seriously.

Less than hour later, Atty. Ahmed edited his FB post after someone told him that Ms. Salvador’s statement was spoon-fed to her.

Atty. Ahmed asked Ms. Salvador and whoever who it was who wrote the statement in her behalf to inbox him their thoughts on 5 policies (which he enumerated below) the PBBM admin plans to do. Atty. Ahmed informed Ms. Salvador that PBBM already laid out his plans during his 1st SONA.


Someone told me that this line was not her own thoughts but a part of a script.

Ok then. I change everything from Janella Salvador to [Really Smart] Scriptwriter.

So then.

I like (women) man/woman/lgbtq+++ scriptwriter who talk tough. I like them irreverent. And complete cussmonkeys.

But being that kind of (woman) man/woman/lgbtq+++ entails brain.

Which is why this (woman) man/woman/lgbtq+++ is not it.

And what the fuck does this very deep, mysterious statement mean anyway? It’s not even a complete thought.


But wait. There’s more:

Dear (Ms. Janella Salvador) Scriptwriter, inbox me your thoughts/opinions/musings/comments about the following:

  1. Cash-based Budget.
  2. Balanced Sugar Imports.
  3. Taxation Policy Adjustments For Digital Economy.
  4. What is the direct effect of the P58.125 billion condonation of the agrarian reform debt?
  5. What do you anticipate as results of the review of the K-12 system?

You know these things, right? No? Well, these are some of the points this government PLANS to do. It’s all in the SONA.

What is a SONA?

GMG, (Janella) Scriptwriter . GMG.

K bye.

~agp, again

Netizens who read Atty. Ahmed’s reaction post to the allegedly Janella Salvador-inspired quote card also shared their own reaction to the actress who played the role of Valentina in the ABS-CBN TV fantaserye series Darna.

One netizen slammed the actress for being opinionated in politics when their Darna TV series can’t even keep in step with modern technology why don’t they just fix their teleserye because the cgi effects is so ugly.

Dami na namang kuda, ayusin nyo nalang yung teleserye nyo ampanget ng cgi effects, di man lang makasabay sa modernong teknolohiya punyeta

Meanwhile, this netizen went personal and took a jab at Ms. Salvador for being a single mom because the guy left not long afer.

Parang ama ng anak mo lang. Inanakan ka na wala pa ring planong pakasalan ka. Saklap isang taon pa lang iniwan ka na.

Another netizen urged Janella to fix her life first before commenting on politics.

Ikaw ayusin mo buhay mo, anong tingin mo sa sarili mo, disgrasyada 🤪🤪🤪


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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