Lawyer shares brilliant insights why Leni Robredo sucks in surveys while President Duterte excels!

Much have been said on the latest Pulse Asia survey, especially on the contrasting results of President Duterte and VP Leni Robredo.

The critics of President Duterte tried in vain to belittle or diminish the President’s excellent trust rating. For example, the OVP Spokesman Atty. Barry Gutierrez remarked that no one among the world’s leaders got a trust rating as high as Duterte, especially during the pandemic. So the joke that President Duterte is the best President in the solar system must be true.

Meanwhile, the supporters of President Duterte and critics of Leni Robredo, including Atty. Trixie Cruz Angeles refused to go the route taken by Duterte critics by mocking the Vice President.

Instead, Atty. Trixie did an honest yet no-holds-barred analysis what went wrong with Leni Robredo’s PR strategy while President Duterte excels.

According to Atty. Trixie, Robredo’s biggest problem boils down to this…

‘What it comes down to is sincerity.’

Atty. Trixie bared what the greatest takeaway in the wake of the Pulse Asia survey – people can see right through Leni Robredo.

‘If there is one thing we learned from this week it is that, despite the professionally written speeches, the PR cultivated eyeglasses and purple wear, people can see right through Leni Robredo.’

In addition, Atty. Trixie revealed what other stunts of Robredo that annoys the public. Her attempts to sound like she can think did not help either. Atty. Trixie called this incurable.

‘And we have little patience with her pa-cuteness. With her pathetic attempts to sound relevant… scratch that. Pathetic attempts to sound like she can think. She can’t. Something no amount of PR can cure.’

Atty. Trixie cited concrete examples why Robredo cannot even claim to be sincere.

‘Robredo cannot even claim to be sincere. She can’t string four words together without the emotional crutch of a badly placed “iyong” and the groping for words is clear indication that not only did she not study this, di nya talaga feel.’

Meanwhile, Atty. Trixie said the President who like many promdi lolos love to repeat their story, repeat their kwentos, cusses a lot, and yet 91 percent still find him very lovable.

‘On the other hand we have a president who, like the promdi lolos, repeat their kwentos, turn the air blue with their pang kanto murahan, and yet the 91 percent find him endearing.’

Of course, Atty. Trixie said the Duterte supporters are aware of the allegations made by the people identified with the previous admin against Duterte, some of which might be true. But despite that, the Duterte supporters regard the Liberals and Reds who threaten Duterte as the villains.

‘And it isn’t as if bulag tayo to the allegations made by the out-of-power wannabes. We know what they are saying, some of which might even be true. Or not. But for us the bad guys are the Libtards and Reds who threaten this president.

Atty. Trixie revealed what makes Leni Robredo a failure in her eyes and the public.

‘Leni fails not only because she doesn’t have enough brains to rub two stones together. She fails because she looks manipulated by persons starved for power and money. Everything she says is in pursuance of the desperate needs of her partymates.’

On one hand, Atty. Trixie have nothing but praises for President Duterte who she described as someone who works hard not for personal ambition but for the Filipino people.

‘And Duterte, is Duterte. Someone who clearly works for things beyond his personal ambition. Trains. Free tertiary education. Roads in areas forgotten by past governments. Just and fair taxes. A drug free Philippines.’

Atty. Trixie ended the FB post by reminding critics the Duterte supporters are the 91%.

‘Did I say personal ambition? Not that he has any, really. He’s 74, in the twilight of his years. He could be home playing with the grandkids, shooting the breeze with the kanto boys or singing karaoke in his favorite bar. But he isn’t. He’s our president and continues to work for us. We are the 91 percent.’


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Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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