Lawyer shares honest to goodness assessment of Leni Robredo’s campaign — Leni’s semblance of a campaign is out of whack

Leni’s semblance of a campaign is out of whack. This is the honest to goodness assessment of Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan aka AGP of the Luminous FB page of Leni Robredo’s campaign strategy at this stage.

Atty. Paglinawan went on to elaborate why he called Leni’s campaign out of whack.

She’s changed colors, appeared in komiks, looked old and battered for photos, said so much motherhood statements, boasted of padded motorcades, and so on…

Despite Leni’s campaign team best efforts, they are not getting the desired result. Why? Because the common theme in each campaign, she is this?

But still nothing. If anything, the common theme in each is that she is an incompetent dumb person. That’s it.

Atty. Paglinawan backup his assertion Leni is incompetent by pointing out she couldn’t oust a president despite the helps she got from powerful and moneyed friends who equally wants to see Digong go away sooner than his term.

She couldn’t even oust a president while sitting as vp, with foreigners and millionaires and mainstream media, and a 50-year old armed insurgency on her side. The said president is now about to finish his term; and even dreams of a senate win in the next elections.

Atty. Paglinawan ended the brief FB post by leaving his personal opinion of Leni as the Opposition leader.

She is useless. She should just run herself to the bottom of the sea.

Netizens shared their two cents worth regarding Leni Robredo’s dismal showing in the surveys.

The handler/advisers surrounding her are dumber than their boss, l guess!

Tama kayo AGP kahit sa commercial napakaplastic ang presentation. Something ang theme ay paawa at walang inakalabas na STRONG WILL. Just a talker and mere follower NOT a LEADER. Tama kayo pati buhok hindi nakasuklay ng maayos. Napaka bobo pati ng humahawak sa kanya kung sa tingin nya PERA ng Oligarch at Awa ng mga tao magpapanalo sa kanya. Sorry pero yan ang dating sa akin. Kaya kahit .01% kahit alam ko nanang matino sya di ko sya iboboto. Iboboto ko pa yung mayabang na presidentiable

I’m really deeply puzzled why there’s still many people following and believing her inspite of her many proven dumbness she had done. It’s really very clear in her videos. Why? Is it because of many are still not interested in what’s truly happening in this country or it is because many still could not provide social media to know the current events. Especially those people who are followers of bias networks that had been fooled by them you know how those people defended that network. Yet there’s still an existing bias one.


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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