Lawyer slams CPP NPA founder Joma Sison for spreading fake news about President Duterte’s health during 2020 CPP anniv

In time for the CPP founding anniversary today, December 26, 2020, Joma Sison took a swipe at his former student, saying President Duterte keeps himself most of the time in Davao for dialysis after every few days.

Despite his medical condition, Sison said, President Duterte continue to pretend that he physically and politically strong enough to take all powers and become a fascist dictator.

Sison’s statement has been taken with a grain of salt from the camp of the Duterte supporter.

Nonetheless, Atty. Nick Nañgit, a staunch Duterte defender on social media, took to Facebook to answer the statement of Sison in behalf of President Duterte and expose for what it really is, a self-serving statement to force President Duterte to step down, who was voted by an overwhelming majority of Filipinos.

For the sake of argument, Atty. Nick remarked that if Sison’s intel is spot on, he asked what is wrong if President Duterte needs dialysis or anyone who has the disease?

“Assuming na totoo, masama ba na mag dialysis ang kahit sino mang may sakit???”

Turning serious, Atty. Nick said Sison was suggesting that President Duterte is “seriously ill”.

Nag iistoryahe ka na kyeme kyemeng ‘seriously ill’?!

Atty. Nick slammed Joma Sison for opening his mouth without basis or proof. He asked where did Sison get his info when there is such a thing as patient-doctor confidentiality. Atty. Nick can’t think of any other reason for Sison’s statement other than to force President Duterte to resign.

“Hoy, hukluban, may confidentiality ang relasyon ng pasyente at duktor! Saan mo nasagap yan, aber? T@NG@M@ mo, puputak ka ng walang basehan, para lang ipilit na bumaba na sa pwesto ang Pangulong binoto ng sobrang higit sa maraming mga Pinoy!”

Atty. Nick called Joma Sison “T@NG@!” for using words without understanding their meaning.

“At saka, anong “pretends” at ‘fascist dictator’?

“Hindi mo alam ibig sabihin ng pinagdadadakdak mo!”

“Naiintindihan mo ba ang ibig sabihin ng Pasismo? At ang Diktaturya?”

Atty. Nick slammed Sison for employing an old technique today, which he said did not work in the past, to fool millennials that Sison is dumbing down.

“Pilit ninyong ginagamit ang mga linyahang yan na hindi umubra noon sa panahon ngayon at inuuto ang mga milenyals na ginagawa nyo ring mga b0b0!”

Atty. Nick dared Sison to return to the country and lead the fight for his Communist ideology and not hide in some foreign country.

“Ikaw na may kaso, bakit ka nagtatago diyan sa ibang bansa?! Bakit hindi ka bumalik dito at ipaglaban ang pagiging Komunista mo???”

Atty. Nick greeted Filipinos a Merry Christmas to end his FB rant. “Maligayang Pasko sa amin, t3r0r¡$t@!”


Source: Nick Nañgit – NCN Law

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