Lawyer slams Pnoy admin, calls it ‘murderous regime’ following exposé of dengue vaccine scandal

The Pnoy government will forever be remembered for the missing Yolanda funds, right of way scam and the useless billion peso MRT coaches.

Add to that list is the P3B dengue vaccine scandal that was hurriedly approved and implemented at the last minute of the Pnoy administration.

As per revelation from the manufacturer, that vaccine would do more harm than good to the 400,000 public school children who received the shots. [Link here]

In light of the dengue vaccine scandal, Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles curses and rants against the Pnoy administration, calling it a ‘murderous regime’.

Apparently, Angeles was only returning the favor to the ‘dilaws’ who have been using the human rights card in attacking Duterte from the get-go.

Check out the full post of Atty. Angeles post below.

A murderous regime.

This is disturbing in the extreme. Kalakas ng loob ng mga dilaw to cry Human Rights violations and call our president a murderer. Here is another example — in a long list of examples–where the Aquino administration’s corruption and ineptitude have killed and endangered our people.

The DOH under then Sec. Garin purchased dengue vaccines and administered them to about 400,000 school children. The medicines were brand new in the market. There were no long term tests yet.

It turns out, the vaccines are good for those who have already gotten dengue. If administered to people who have never had dengue, they are now at lifelong risk of getting it.

Sa madaling sabi, binigay ang mga bakuna ng hindi tinetesting and mga bata kung nagka dengue na nga sila. And now ang 400,000 na bata na iyon, at ang sinumang nag take din ng vaccines na you, ay malaki ang tsansang magkadengue, salamat sa kagaguhan ng DOH said ilalim ng Aquino administration.

Pasintabi lang po. Pero, tangina ninyo!

Watch video below.

NEWS BREAK: 400,000 kabataang nabakunahan ng Dengvaxia, isasailalim sa monitoring ng DOH

Posted by PTV on Thursday, November 30, 2017

Source: Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles

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