Lawyer slams US ambassador Goldberg for his remark that 43% of OFW remittances come from US

In an interview, outgoing US Ambassador Goldberg remarked that “43% of the remittances from abroad go through the United States, or originate in the United States.”

US Amb. Philip Goldberg told Rappler that there are 3 and a half million Filipino-Americans and the USA is the largest foreign investor in the country and the largest employer in the country is an American company.

These statements from the outgoing ambassador were not taken well by an environmental lawyer who posted an open letter addressed to the US ambassador that opened with this question:

So are we friends or are we at your mercy?

Check out the full text of the netizens “open letter” addressed to US Ambassador Philip Goldberg:

Those who are opposed to an independent Philippine foreign policy, a policy that is configured by our national interest and not by that of another State, should rethink their position. Do we want the US to continue regarding us as a beggar even if in its official statements, it calls us its very close ally? Listen to this man. He wants to strip the nation of its collective dignity and be put in its place as the US constructed it, which is that of a mendicant. This is what happens when we allow ourselves to be treated as a foreign State’s slave/sycophant/tool.

This man must be reminded that his country ravaged the Philippines’ natural resources at the turn of the century and subsequently. Underdevelopment in the Philippines was never our destiny; it is a creation of our unabashed obeisance and servility to US imperialism. We do not owe his country; his country owes us.

Goldberg speaks about 5M Filipinos in the US who will allegedly be hurt by Pres. Duterte’s decision to sever subservience to the US. What is his veiled threat?  The US will deport these 5M Filipinos? I am sure the figure refers mostly to Filipinos who became naturalized Americans and are as American as Goldberg is, except that they cannot seek the US presidency and Vice-Presidency. He is unduly raising anxiety where there should be none. This Goldberg, as Fidel Agcaoili pointed out, was expelled from Bolivia for his destabilization efforts there to unseat democratically elected President Evo Morales who refuses to kowtow to the West.

The Philippines is the fifth most mineralized country in the world. The US State Department estimates that we still have untapped $1T minerals, the equivalent of the US foreign debt to China. We are tops when it comes to biodiversity. We have still more natural resources. Translate our independent foreign policy into national industrialization policies and this man’s country will come knocking on our door … for loans or aids.

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