Lawyer slaps painful truth to Trillanes face, he’s a failure as anti-corruption crusader: “Ang gagaling mamaratang, pero walang bayag patunayan”

Apparently disturbed rather scared by the return of former President and now House Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to power, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV commented that this could only mean the Duterte administration has no anti-corruption advocacy.

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Upon reading the statement of Trillanes, lawyer Bruce Rivera was so furious that he decided to expose the hypocrisy of the senator via a Facebook post.

Rivera opened the post by issuing a warning to Trillanes not to aggravate the anger of Duterte supporters towards him and anyone of his LP allies for accusing the Duterte admin of having no anti-corruption advocacy.

Rivera shoved to Trillanes face the real essence of anti-corruption advocacy which is making sure corruption is either prevented or the public official is INVESTIGATED, CHARGED, TRIED AND CONVICTED. Otherwise, it is not an advocacy, but just a hobby or past time endeavor.

Rivera couldn’t help but ask Trillanes how many of Pnoy’s Cabinet members were sacked due to allegations of corruption and if Pnoy did once lift a finger when Napoles pointed Abad’s involvement?

Rivera said, “NONE”.

Rivera wanted to know if Trillanes ever authored a legislation as a result of the countless probe he led against the Binays and how many convictions had he scored against the Binay witch hunt?

Read the full text below.

Soon-to-be Ex-Senator Trillanes,

Please do not aggravate our anger towards you and anyone connected to you. When you say this administration does not have anti-corruption advocacy, you mean to tell me the past administration has it?

When you advocate anti-corruption, you do not just say it, you make sure the corruption is either prevented or the public official is INVESTIGATED, CHARGED, TRIED AND CONVICTED. Otherwise, it is not an advocacy but just a hobby or past time endeavor.

Tell me how many members of the Cabinet did PNoy remove despite allegations of corruption? Napoles pointed out Abad but he never lifted a finger to investigate him. Did you raise any question? Wala. Kasi kakampi ninyo. But Senator Trillanes, you were so enigmatic in your accusations against VP Binay then. If you are really an advocate, why are you only accusatory if they are not allies but seem to be deaf and blind to actions of your allies. Did you even question the propriety of the DAP when you got it from then Secretary Abad. You knew the source of the funds and the timing you got it.

And were you successful in subsequently convicting VP Binay of all the corruption allegations you hurled against him using too many of your time,ergo, taxpayers money to investigate in aid of legislation. Did you even author relevant legislation as a result of your Binay witch hunt? The Binays are still here.

So why are the Arroyos still here. Simple. The PNoy administration with your help maneuvered to create a public outcry of corruption using a supposedly intelligent DoJ Secretary de Lima to file charges thereby enabling the prosecution of cases but she had to disobey the Supreme Court so PNoy can detain GMA. But, the PNoy administration could NOT even manage to convict GMA or any of her family. And if YOU still claim she is guilty, that is worse for an advocate. To not be able to convict someone who is guilty.

And what about the Marcoses? Two Aquino presidents with all the vast powers could not even put a dent and convict any of them. And again, if many people insist Marcos plundered the nation, is the failure of punishment even something more shameful for you and the people you fraternize and call anti-corruption advocates. GMA said she is sorry about calling Garci and yet, your team could not even make a good corruption case against her.

Here the reality: The Marcoses are back and as strong as ever, GMA is again above the pedestal of power, the Binays still are a force to reckon with not because the Duterte administration has no anti-corruption advocacy, it is because in the years you are Senator and your allies who ruled the land….

YOU SUCKED AT BEING ANTI-CORRUPTION ADVOCATES. Ang gagaling ninyong mamaratang, pero wala kayong bayag patunayan.

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