Lawyer tagged ‘fake news peddlers’ in viral list gives former ABS-CBN reporter a heads up – Paliwanag mo sa judge. Clear your schedule

In the age of social media, it is easy to share anything you think is shareworthy with just a click of the mouse, even unverified fake news memes.

Many ordinary netizens fall for this. Even professionals.

However, if you are a journalist who is very vocal in denouncing, calling out the supporters of a presidential candidate who just won the election for sharing fake news and yet you are caught red-handed sharing fake news, you just committed an unforgivable sin against the very people you called trolls and ‘fake news peddlers’.

Worse, if you happen to accuse somebody of being a fake news peddler whose means of livelihood is going to court everyday to send criminals to Bilibid. Lol

Try going over your list of fake news peddlers once again Ms. Charie Villa and look for the name ‘Darwin Canete’. Yes, he is a government prosecutor and he is not going to let your mistake, grave mistake go unpunished.

Grabbed from Charie Villa’s FB post.

In a Facebook post, Atty. Darwin denied being a fake news peddler and based on the language he used, he is hell-bent in teaching you a lesson you will never forget.

Atty. Darwin issued a chilling warning to Charie Villa and Kakampink supporters in general to think hard before calling anyone fake news peddlers without solid proofs, especially if the person you call fake news peddler is a lawyer and very unforgiving to arrogant Kakampinks.

You may now read Atty. Darwin’s original FB post below.

I can easily prove that i do not peddle fake news. I have a full time job and my socmed is a personal account. I do not make money off of it. My timeline has been consistent since 2006. I post the same things before the Dilawans have decided to label people who do not conform to their narratives as ” trolls.” Show me a transaction where BBM or PRRD paid me to post for them. We can debate about what is “fake news.” But “fake news peddler?” Binabayaran ako para mag post ng fake news as per your post? Paliwanag mo sa judge. Clear your schedule. This will take up your time po.


Source: Darwin Cañete

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