Lawyer taunts Marcos critics who keep raising ill-gotten wealth issue: “Ano ang conviction rate against the Marcoses? Zero.”

For decades, the Marcoses have been demonized in mainstream media by raising the stolen wealth against the Marcos kids every chance they get.

In the age of social media, Marcos critics and haters must have thought that they have another platform to peddle their narrative against the Marcoses.

To the chagrin of Marcos critics, Marcos supporters who were not given the chance to speak up for the Marcoses in mainstream media have found their voice in the social media sphere.

And the good news? Even non-Marcos supporters and popular social media blogger like Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles have picked up the fight on behalf of ordinary Marcos supporters.

On Facebook, Atty. Angeles asked that if indeed the Marcoses were guilty as charged, why would the “dilaws” despite producing two presidents failed to score a conviction against the Marcoses?

You know what my problem is with raising the issue of stolen wealth against the Marcos kids?

The Aquinos, notorious for using all their connections and wealth for vengeance had thirty years to prosecute them. Wala.

Nada. Ni wala yung angas na pinakita kay Joey Marquez.

And they can’t even use the excuse that the Marcoses evaded conviction using their wealth kasi sino ba ang pangulo nun? Di ba Cory was president when the cases against Imelda were begun? And they continued to hold great influence even after. Are they saying the Aquinos condoned corruption? Eh ano pinagkaiba nila ngayon?

Oh. Ano nangyari? Ano ang conviction rate against the Marcoses? Zero.

Hilig pa naman nila humirit ng “due process”. O ayan, nasaan ang due process ninyong humatol na magnanakaw ang mga ito?

To end her post, Angeles asked a thought-provoking question:

“Na stuck kasi ang mga dilaw sa narrative nilang sila lang ang mababait, magagaling at disente. Tsura nila. Sino ba talaga ang magnanakaw ngayon na lumalabas na ang mga road right of way, dengvaxia, pdaf at dap?”

(The yellows are stuck in the narrative that they are the good, the brightest and the decent. Who are the real thieves now after exposés of corruption scandals like right of way, dengvaxia, PDAF and DAP made headlines?”

Your thoughts?

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