Lawyer taunts Senator Manny Pacquiao to react to his FB post, same logic he voiced out on WPS issue

Did you have nosebleed while trying to decode or understand Senator Manny Pacquiao why he said what he said criticizing President Duterte on the WPS issue?

Well, nosebleed no more because your favorite hard hitting Facebook commentator and lawyer Ahmed Paglinawan of the FB page the Luminous posted a brief explainer on Facebook to help us decipher/decode Manny Pacquiao’s statement defending his previous statement attacking President Duterte’s handling of the WPS issue.

On Facebook, Paglinawan wrote:

“The proper way of understanding Pacquiao’s “saying what needs to be said about the WPS issue” is this:

He said what he needed to say about the WPS issue. His need. He needed to say what he said.”

In other words, Pacquiao made that statement on WPS because he needed to say what he said.

It was immaterial whether Pacquiao made sense, basta, he just needed to say it, Paglinawan explained.

“Whether or not it was intelligent or intelligible or even a sound a human being can make is not the matter.”

Atty. Paglinawan was very patient or let’s say understanding of Pacquiao because like each Filipino, he has the right to express his opinion.

“He needed to say something. So he said it. Because each Filipino has a right to say what he needs to say.”

Atty. Paglinawan quipped that Pacquiao did not care whether his statement will elicit “what he mean by that” expression from the public or not.

“Never mind that it makes most of us ask:

‘What does that even mean?'”

At this point, Atty. Paglinawan stopped treating Pacquiao with kid’s gloves and asked this clarificatory question from the boxer turned senator.

“Oh, and Manny, do you realize that Duterte is also a Filipino who needed to say that you need to read about something first before needing to say something about it?”

Atty. Paglinawan taunted Senator Pacquiao to read his FB post many times and he will be waiting for his response between now and next week.

“Yep, Manny. Read this post. Many times. See if you feel any need to say anything between now and next week. Maybe sooner if Coco helps you.”

“Have fun,” Atty. Paglinawan told Senator Pacquiao.

Atty. Paglinawan’s FB post has generated 5,674 reactions, 356 comments and 296 shares as of this writing and counting.




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