Lawyer to local media: “Do not twist Sara’s words like honesty means nothing, she is one of the most brutally honest person I know.”

This is not new.

The local media has been caught misquoting President Rodrigo Duterte a countless times, apparently to put the President in a bad light and to generate engagement.

More engagement means more money for the publishers.

This time, local media’s latest victim is Sara Duterte who allegedly said that honesty is not an election issue.

Well, that’s how the headlines of the different local media outlets say below.

But lawyer Bruce Rivera, a personal friend and classmate of Mayor Duterte said this isn’t true.

In a Facebook post, Rivera called out the local media for misquoting Sara Duterte while making an appeal on behalf of Sara Duterte to refrain from twisting her words.

Rivera then shared the screenshot of Sara’s Instagram post, showing her exact words re honesty issue.

You may read Bruce Rivera’s full post below.


Media has again misquoted Sara Zimmerman Duterte. She did not say that honesty is not an election issue. She said honesty is not a qualification otherwise, nobody would be qualified to run. She merely said what she honestly believes to be true. Everyone lies. She even said her picture in the LED wall is not even truthful because it was photoshopped.

Let us face it, guys….Sara was not justifying the Imee issue because the voters will decide whether the issue will get her elected or not. In short, those who hate Imee Marcos will make her education and the deception an issue. But haters who are willing to crucify her for lying must make sure they have never lied ever in their lives. And I tell you, all politicians will never claim they lied. Which is a lie in itself.

Granted that she lied, let the voters decide her fate. Those who put premium on honesty, do not vote for all the liars in this world. Naku, baka si Doc Willie T. Ong na lang ang pwede ninyong iboto kasi sigurado ako…lahat ng mga kumandidato, nagsinungaling na dati. But they cannot just zero in on Imee because of the fact that she lied. Lying is a universal human flaw but hypocrisy is a yellow thing.

My point is, those who are grossed out by Imee enough that she will not get their vote because she lied but will vote for Alejano, who can just concoct stories about Christopher Bong Go, Colmenares, who makes an issue about Chinese loans when there should be none, the same person who has time and time again never admitted that he is part of the legal front of the NPA, Bam Aquino, the same one who claims he is pro- Filipino but never admitted that he owns a restaurant that polluted Manila Bay for the longest time or Roxas, who has lied and lied that he can solve the countries problems, the same problems he could not solve as a Senator, a DILG chief, and the other positions he held in the past, reeks of hypocrisy.

Everytime you act in a manner that is not the real you…you lie. Everytime you wear white and appear to be squeaky clean when in fact, you are far from the character you wish the public to see, you lie. Every time you make people believe you are not gay and even had to take a wife to hide your homesexuality, you lie. Every time you hug a poor woman to appear kind but will never be near them after elections, you lie. And do not tell me it is just presenting a good side to the public to justify your actions. It is a lie and you know it.

So do not twist Sara’s words like honesty means nothing because she is one of the most brutally honest person I know. Huwag po tayong magmalinis. Mahirap kasi that to call Sara and Imee out for their lack of honesty and yet, marami sa mga overacting are not honest enough to be faithful to their husbands, wives and even to themselves.

Kaya nga hindi ko kayo tinatawag na “malandi” kasi hiyang-hiya naman ako sa kakatihan ko.

Bruce Villafuerte Rivera
Salvador Panelo
Martin Andanar
Lorraine Marie T. Badoy
Ronald Dela Rosa

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