Lawyer to Ms. Rita Avila who is putting her foot down on rewriting history: So, Rita, kumain ka na ba?

Veteran actress and Kakampink supporter Rita Avila is turning heads on social media for making statement expressing her non-negotiable stance when it comes to changing/revising history.

The veteran actress said what is written in our history books did already happen. Changing what is already written is unacceptable. It already happened.

Actress Rita Avila’s statement regarding Philippine history being non-negotiable to revision did not sit well with Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan of the FB page Luminous.

In a Facebook post, Atty. Ahmed quipped that if Philippine history cannot be changed because what is written did already happen, then we have a huge problem.

Atty. Ahmed cited the example of the death of Ninoy Aquino.

Atty. Ahmed went on to ask Ms. Rita Avila who shot Ninoy Aquino to his death? What was the motive or reason?

Does she mean finding out the truth is unnecessary? Are we just going to let Ninoy Aquino die without knowing the motive and the people behind the killing?

Atty. Ahmed asked Ms. Rita Avila if it doesn’t sound crazy?

Ms. Rita Avila’s statement elicited negative reactions from netizens as shown in the comments below.

One netizen dismissed Ms. Rita Avila’s remark as nothing but to an attempt to draw attention to herself and somehow regain lost glory.

Hindi nga marunong mag research ang yellows. 2 Aquino president walang ginawa at hindi interested. Is their something fishy. Rita Avila is just making noise para mapag usapan ang isang laos na artista.

A second advised netizens to buy plenty of fish heads, extract the brains and give it to Ms. Rita Avila at least she will have brains even fish brain.

Bili kayo maraming ulo ng isda at kunin utak! Ibigay sa kanya , para kahit utak ng isda Meron ulo nya ! Kahit utak lang ng dilis.

A third reminded fellow netizens what Ms. Rita Avila in the first place so they better lower their expectation.

Artista lng ,di matalino

You may now read Atty. Ahmed’s response to Ms. Rita Avila’s non-negotiable stance regarding revising history when warranted.

Kung di na pwedeng mabago ang naisulat tungkol sa nangyari na, may malaking problema tayo, Rita.

Si Ninoy Aquino namatay dahil sa pamamaril.

Sinong namaril? Anong dahilan?

Di na lang ba natin aalamin? Hayaan na lang na may namatay na walang dahilan at walang pumatay?

Ampangit, di ba? Parang gago pakinggan, di ba?

So, Rita, kumain ka na ba?


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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