Lawyer Trixie Angeles debunks Opposition’s doomsday prediction revocation of water concession agreements will affect country’s credit rating or standing?

A lawyer supporter of the Duterte admin reveals the favorite hanash of the Opposition lately which goes like this: the Government needs to take it easy on the revocation of water concession agreements because it could affect the country’s credit rating if we don’t honor our contracts with investors. They asked what will happened to the stock market? To our loans?

So, ok. Ang linya ng kabilang parlor kailangan huminahon, bababa ang credit rating natin dahil di maasahan ang mga kontrata. Paano ang stock market? Paano ang loans?

Lawyer Trixie Cruz Angeles, the other half of the FB Page Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan has taken to Facebook to debunk Opposition’s doomsday prediction revocation of water concession agreements will affect country’s credit rating or standing therefore our government will suffer?

Angeles explained the oligarchs who bought shares or stocks of these corporations or companies which they thought are stable are the ones getting affected by these developments, not the government.

Angeles said this happens all the time because that’s the reality of doing business. Sometimes, its an earthquake. Sometimes it’s the discovery that the executives are burning profits. Sometimes its deregulation or something that acts as the catalysts.

Huweyt. Paano ang stock market? Sino ba affected? Yung mga oligarchs na bumili ng stocks sa mga korporasyong ito sa pagaakalang stable sila? News flash, genius. It happens all the time. Thats business. Sometimes it’s an earthquake. Sometimes its the discovery that the executives are burning profits. Sometimes, its deregulation or regulation or SOMETHING.

An exasperated Angeles asked what is it that the Opposition really want? The government guarantees their profits? Angeles said all businesses is a gamble.

Ano ba gusto nila? Igarantiya ng gobyerno ang mga profits nila? Tsura ng mga ito. Lahat ng negosyo may taya.

Angeles remarked that if they want a guarantee of their profits at the expense of water subscribers and taxpaying public, that’s not going to happen. Because for a long time, the oligarchs have been very fortunate (pampered perhaps), but times changed and they must shape up.

At, haller? Igagarantiya ang kita niyo AT THE EXPENSE OF THE WATER SUBSCRIBERS AND THE TAXPAYING PUBLIC? Tagal nyo na masyadong siniswerte, umayos kayo.

Angeles clarified if they are talking about the loans? If that’s the case, according to her, the terms of concession agreement states that if it pre-termination, the MWSS assumes their loans and the creditors will have the final say who will take over. Angeles asked once again the point the Opposition is trying drive home.

Loans ba ika ninyo? Sa terms ng Concession Agreement pag pre termination, BAYAD ang MWSS ng loans nila. Or yung creditors nila get to choose who will take over. Anong pinagsasabi ninyo?

Furthermore, the stand of Manila Water is that they are merely agents of MWSS, that is why, the MWSS represents them when they apply for or taking loans. Unless, they are taking loans without notifying MWSS and not directly related to water, what business does the government have to do with them?

Furthermore, ang stand ng Manila Water ay ahente lang sila ng MWSS kaya yng mga loans nila MWSS ang partido dito. Unless kumuha sila ng loans ng walang kaalamalam ang MWSS at di naman rektang related sa tubig, eh di, ano kinalaman ng gobyerno diyan?

Does it affect our credit rating, Angeles asked? So does it mean we just allow them to continue disrespecting the customers of MWSS and swindling the taxpayers? And how can it affect? Our other loans will be called in? Like the loans with sovereign guarantee? That’s crazy Angeles remarked. That is not possible. Because sovereign loans are priorities of the GAA (general appropriations act), that is why these types of loans is without any risk.

Credit rating natin maaaffect? So, pabayaan na lang natin ang pambabalahura sa mga customers ng MWSS at tuluyang panggagancho sa mga nagbabayad ng buwis? At paano maaaffect, aber? I-call in ang ibang loans natin? Ano yun? Yung mga loans na may sovereign guarantee? Ulol. Di pwede yon. Priority ang mga yan sa GAA, kaya walang talo ang ganyang klaseng loans.

Does it mean this kind of contract is unreliable? What have Noynoy done to the Belgian dredging contract? Did you recall he just cancelled it without any reason? Did we lose our credit standing? No but we just lost the arbitration case. Angeles remarked that was because Noynoy is very intelligent like his bright boys.

Di maasahan ang kontrata pag ganun? Ano ba ginawa ni Noynoy sa Belgian dredging contract? Di ba bigla na lang umayaw? Bumagsak ba ekonomiya natin? Nawalan tayo ng credit standing? Yn nga lang, TALO tayo sa arbitration. Ang talino kasi ni Noynoy at ng mga brayt boys niya eh.

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Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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