Lawyer Trixie Cruz Angeles’ source confirms OtsoDiretso attended senatorial forum on date Bikoy said he met with them in Ateneo

Now we know why outgoing Senator Antonio Trillanes cautions the NBI not to pursue the probe on Bikoy’s allegation as shown in the video below.


'MASUSUNOG SILA' | Kampante raw si Sen. Antonio "Sonny" Trillanes IV na kaya niyang butasin ang alegasyon laban sa kanya ni Bikoy, sakaling isampa ito bilang kaso. Muli ring binanggit ni Trillanes na walang ouster plot laban sa Pangulo.For more latest stories, visit us at

Posted by News5 on Wednesday, June 5, 2019

It appears that Bikoy’s “incredible” story is credible after all, especially after lawyer Trixie Cruz Angeles’ source from the Ateneo corroborates, partly, Bikoy’s story.

Whether it was a coincidence or not, that we don’t know.

As far as Angeles is concerned, quoting Alice in Wonderland things are getting “curiouser and curiouser”.

On the date Bikoy claimed he met OtsoDiretso, Rappler also hosted a senatorial forum at Ateneo’s Leong Hall between 1PM and 5PM.

Yes, Mar Roxas did not attend that forum according to the Ateneo source.

You may read Trixie Cruz-Angeles full FB post below.

From a source in the Ateneo:

In the Bikoy affidavit, he mentioned a meeting with Otso candidates, Trillanes and VP Leni. Mar Roxas was not there.

On that day, there was a senatorial forum at Leong hall held between 1pm and 5pm. Yes, all otso diretso candidates were there except Mar Roxas.

The event was sponsored by… Rappler.

The Jesuit com room, where the videos were allegedly filmed, is indeed inside the School of Theology, which is located at a very secluded place, far from other buildings.

There are equipment there, yes. But it is difficult to obtain permission for then unless you are using them for official school purposes.

Curiouser and curiouser, ika nga ni Alice in Wonderland.

Reading the comments on the post, netizens like Dei Verbum commented that Bikoy indeed got his details right, especially where the Jesuit Communications is located inside Ateneo.

It is totally true atty. The Jesuit communications facility is inside the San Jose Major Seminary theology school which is inside the Ateneo compound. Advincila can’t identify the secluded place if he had not been there because it is very restricted unless someone or a group from the community has permitted the use of the facility. Alam na… alleged Fr. Alejo is a jesuit.

Sandy Cabuntala detalyadong detalyado yung mga pagpupulong nila , lugar , oras, araw at kung sino sino sila na naruon na pinangalanan pang lahat ni bikoy ! kaya naniniwala akong tutoo lahat ng mga isiniwalat niya sa affidavit niya!

Markshe Casimiro Naunang ngsabi sa presscon c trillanes na totoong ngkita cla ni bikoy..di niya alam after few days babalik c bikoy sa pnp at nkasaad sa sworn affidavit niya na ngkita at nagusap cla ni trillanes..totoo cnb ni bikoy

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