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Lawyer wants Saab Magalona to cite a law stating public official must post on social media all her job-related activities like helping people

Saab Magalona, daughter of the King of Pinoy Rap Francis Magalona aka Francism M, is one the Vice President’s staunch defenders on Twitter.

In one of her recent tweets, Saab wrote that as a politician, you (Leni) cannot expect to earn the people’s trust if you say you have helped people and yet you are shy to post it on social media. As a public servant, that’s your job. You must have proof (resibo in local parlance). Being transparent is not epal or attention-seeker. An epal is someone who just make his presence felt during election.

Saab’s tweet has attracted the attention of known critics of Leni Robredo who are also supporting BBM-Sara UniTeam like vlogger and lawyer Nick Nañgit of the Nick NañgitNCN Law.

Basically, Atty. Nick opened the FB post by asking Saab if it is imperative for public officials to post on socmed whatever he/she has done in the service of the Filipinos because that is part of the job?

Atty. Nick asked Saab to cite a law that says a public official needs to post it on social media? Meanwhile, Atty. Nick also asked Saab to clarify whether the official who is running for President she alluded in the tweet was a public official when he/she helped or did something? He also asked the agency or department in government he or she belongs to?

Atty. Nick further asked Saab if posting on social social media is not epal but just being transparent?

If Saab’s answer is in the affirmative, Atty. Nick scoffed at Saab’s level of comprehension. Atty. Nick lamented that in Saab’s understanding, social media post is part of the documents and reports required for submission.

Atty. Nick ended the FB post by leaving us the saying, “kung anong puno, siyang bunga!” This is akin to the American saying, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”


Source: Nick Nañgit – NCN Law

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