Lawyers react to Manny Pacquiao saying we have elected many educated leaders in the country, and yet nothing good happened to PH

Sabi ni Sen. Manny, “Eh alam naman natin na maraming educated person na naging leader ng ating bansa, eh wala naman nangyayari.”

The statement of Manny Pacquiao appealing to Filipino voters to give “uneducated” leaders with the heart the chance to lead the country has been met with raised eyebrows and contempt from the supporters of President Duterte.

Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles of the Luminous demolished Pacquiao’s argument by reminding the boxer turned politician the many landmark laws and reforms under President Duterte (a lawyer), which she mentioned, are programs necessary to break the cycle of poverty in the country.

“Eto po ang nangyari: Free Tertiary Education. Tax Reform. Universal Health Care. Pinatpad ang land reform at dinistribute yung lupa — yung tuoong distribution. Ang mga programang ito ay mga programang kailangan para basagin na ang kahirapan.”

Atty. Trixie wrapped up her argument by pointing out that all these laws and programs were made possible because the leader is educated to help him understand why these were necessary.

But of course, kailangan edukado ka para maintindihan nyo yung pangangailangan ng mga yan.

Meanwhile, News5 radio host and Cebuano lawyer Bruce Rivera can’t help but accused Pacquiao of suffering from messianic complex, which he said is a dangerous trait of leader.

Messianic complex is a dangerous trait of a leader.

Atty. Rivera asked in jest if Pacquiao is the only politician who has the heart? How about the banana that certain Madame eats? “At siya lang ang may puso? Paano yung saging na kinain ni Madame?”

Atty. Rivera isn’t keen whether Pacquiao owns a ton of hearts, he wants to know if he has brain? At kahit meron kang isang sakong puso, paano ang utak? Aber?

Atty. Rivera continued making fun of Pacquiao’s “puso” reference and quickly turned serious to ask Pacquiao about him thinking about resigning from the senate post that the public gave him because of popularity not because of his abilities.

Paano sasarap ang bulalo? At saan ka reresign? Sa pagka-Senador? Ano, magreresign ka sa position na binigay sa yo ng tao dahil sa katanyagan mo at di dahal sa kakayanan. At iisipin mong magresign sa isang trabaho di mo na nga kinakaya.

Atty. Rivera said Isko is the actor and yet it is Pacquiao who is the drama king?

Tsaka si Isko ang artista. Bakit ikaw ang nagdadrama?

Atty. Rivera ended the FB post saying he is confused that fake DDS are better drama queens.

I am confused. Bakit itong mga huwad na DDS ang mas magaling sa dramahan.


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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