Lawyer’s response to Trillanes’ appeal to spare 84-year-old mom: “You started the parent thing. You have done the latter, sir.”

When President Duterte accused Senator Trillanes’ mother of allegedly entering into business transactions with the Philippine Navy when the senator and his father were still in military service, Trillanes cried foul. [Inquirer]

In light of Pres. Duterte’s statement, Trillanes complained to the media that the president is dragging his parents to their feud.

“Hindi ko maisip kung bakit ida-drag ni Mr. Duterte ang aking magulang dito sa laban namin.”

For whining about President Duterte’s hitting her mother publicly, netizens can’t help but make Trillanes the laughing stock on social media.

Lawyer Bruce Rivera led the charge on social media in calling out Trillanes’ crybaby attitude.

Rivera opened his FB post by stating that a jerk like Trillanes will always be a jerk.

Rivera then proceeded to unveil Trillanes’ hypocrisy by citing instances wherein the senator attacked the memory of Duterte’s deceased parents.

And lastly, Rivera, reminded Trillanes that President Duterte was simply stating a fact.

Please read Rivera’s post below.


In an epic move, Trillanes comes out with a presscon ad mesicordium or an appeal to emotions telling the world why drag her 84 year old mother with Parkinson’s with his issues. Pardon my French…

Kung hindi ka ba naman engot!!!

First of all, you started attacking a man who is also a senior citizen like yo momma as if he was your age. Bastusin mo na parang kasing-edad mo and you expect people to respect yo momma when you cannot even give the same to another senior. Batikusin, yes. Bastusin, no!!! You have done the latter, sir.

Second, you started the parent thing. Hindi ba ikaw ang nagsabi na nilakad ng tatay ni PRD ang pagpasa niya sa Bar even when his father died before he even took the Bar. Your lawyers would have told you about the “dead man’s statute” where it is evidently worthless to accuse someone who has passed on of an act because he cannot defend himself under his grave. Listen to your lawyers, sir. Furthermore, it is a fucking LIE. Sorry for the invectives, but you deserve it, sir. If you can just lie without impunity, you have NO right to DEMAND for truth.

Thirdly, speaking of the truth, is it not a fact that yo momma has been doing business dabbling with military contracts while yo poppa is in the service? There were even allegations that many Magdalo soldiers became disillusioned when they found out that your disgust leading to the staging of the mutiny was not because of principle but because you got pissed the government cancelled several contracts with yo momma. I am not saying this is true, I am just saying, these are things found in the internet. And for the record, there is no such story about the President Duterte’s father fixing him pass the Bar Exams. Let me remind you..

We are BEDANS. We are EXPECTED to pass the Bar on our first take. Senator Leila should know. She is a Bedan herself.

Bruce Villafuerte Rivera
Sara Zimmerman Duterte
Martin Andanar

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