Lawyers slam SC justices for high standard on SALN law vs fellow SC Justice, but harsh on ordinary gov’t employees

Lawyers Trixie Cruz-Angeles and Ahmed Paglinawan took a swipe at SC Justices on social media for showing disinterest on the complaint against one of their own for violating the SALN law.

The Luminous reminded the public the reality what fate awaits to an ordinary public servant fails to file his or her SALN versus high ranking government officials.

“Paalala lang po. Pag simpleng kawani ng gobyerno, clerk, messenger, kahit manager, bisor, ordinaryong abogado‚Ķ”

“Pag hindi nag file ng SALN, DISMISSED sa serbisyo. Kadalasan, kahit late lang ng ilang araw, suspension or dismissal.”

The Luminous can’t help but cuss at the hypocrisy of the SC Justices for holding double standard re SALN law.

“Taragis na yan. Ang taas ng standards ninyo pag hampas lupa yung nagkamali, nakakalimot o nanadya. Tapos pag kakamping mahistrado ng Korte Suprema, ano na? Chance? Proteksyunan?”

The Luminous took a swipe at VP Leni Robredo, by pointing out the disinterest of SC Justices to hold him accountable for failing to file SALN is the real definition of impunity. It can be recalled that the Vice President commented, in light of the k!lling of the Laguna Mayor, that she fears normalization of impunity in Philippines after string of killings. [GMA News]

“Yan ang impunity, Leni Robredo. Kung kibit balikat na lang ang taong bayan sa ganyang klaseng inequality. Ano ba naman ang boses ng madla kung dios ka ng Padre Faura?”

The Luminous FB post has been a magnet for like-minded netizens who generously shared their take on the issue by commenting on the thread.

One netizen wrote: “Good morning po Atty Trixie hindi patas ang laban totoo po pag barangay officials hindi nag file ng SALN after a year perpetual disqualification from holding public offices pag SC leonen hindi tinamaan dito eh onli in pinas talaga seems the rich and famous influential people are exempted like leonen ohh…”

Another netizen commented to give one’s seal approval to Atty. Laron Gadon’s latest move.

“Tama lang talaga ang move nila Atty.Gadon and Cong.Barba to file impeachment para yung ibang mga mataas na govt officials mag isip isip na to obey”

Let me end the post by sharing the comment of another netizen.

“As what the late Mayor Fred Lim once said: The Law Applies to All, otherwise, None at All.”


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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