Lea Salonga lauds Mocha Uson in twitter for admitting mistake in Mayon volcano gaffe, endears singer to netizens

While many netizens were quick to crucify Mocha Uson for “relocating” Mayon volcano to Naga from Albay, Ms. Lea Salonga begs to be different.

Here’s the comment of the Broadway star to Mocha Uson’s gaffe in reaction to Manny Castaneda’s Facebook post asking her Boss for Mocha’s reassignment.

However, as soon as Uson admitted her mistake, Salonga quickly changed tone and lauded the former for doing such a brave act, a rarity among our public officials.

But Salonga’s tweet did not stop here.

She raised the Dengvaxia issue, chiding the people who made Mocha’s gaffe a national issue while keeping their lips sealed in a more important issue as grave as Dengvaxia.

Salonga’s tweet endears her to netizens, even from the ranks of bloggers associated with Duterte.

Lea Salonga’s tweet that earned her praises in social media.

On Facebook, Mike Acebedo Lopez couldn’t help but write a touching post on Facebook, praising the world-renowned Broadway singer.

And this is one of the many reasons I love Lea Salonga. For me, she is perfection personified but unlike others in my newsfeed who are regular sources of atrocious grammar and warped logic, this world class Filipino refuses to judge Mocha for a minor lapse most of us would make (I know the region where Mayon is, not the province) and instead focuses on more important issues like dengvaxia.

I’ve never heard these paragons of perfection in my newsfeed huff and puff about dengvaxia, Napoles’s donation to Drilon’s campaign kitty, and other issues of consequence. No. Never.

Perhaps their small minds can only accommodate Mocha’s missteps, from Mayon in Naga to the typos in her leaked letter, that’s all their minds can process. And so for a moment they think they’re so spectacularly awesome because they’re able to attack the great Mocha Uson and her epic 5.5 million Facebook followers.

Well let me break it to you, you’re not better. You magnifying Margaux Uson’s mistakes does not, in any way, erase yours.

And I remember all your grammatical booboos, mga bobo. For as long as I live, you will be losers in my book.

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Credits to Mike Lopez

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