Leaked video of the chopper ride of Kris Aquino in Dalaguete Cebu sparks heated debate

A leaked video of the chopper ride of Kris Aquino in Dalaguete Cebu sparks heated debate among netizens online who have an opposing view of the issue.

Kris Aquino and her helicopter ride

Credits to photo owner

The video has been uploaded on the YouTube channel Night Owl on April 20th, 2016 and has been viewed more than 700 times as of Thursday evening.

The video lasted only 72 seconds, showing the presidential sister disembarked from the military chopper and escorted away by an aide towards the rendezvous point with an awaiting white van en route to the campaign rally for Roxas and Robredo in Dalaguete, Cebu.

According to the Malacanang, “Members of the President’s immediate family are allowed to ride with him in official government vehicles,” Presidential Communications Operations Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. told Manila Bulletin after photos of Kris was caught on camera using military choppers with the presidential seal went viral on Facebook.

According to a website, Kris Aquino was invited as one of the guests in the inauguration of the 59-MW San Carlos Sun Power Plant in Negros Occidental. President Aquino was also present in the said event.

From San Carlos, the President and his entourage including the presidential sister flew to Dalaguete, Cebu to attend a campaign sortie for Mar Roxas.

The viral photos of Kris Aquino went viral on social media and elicited mixed reactions from netizens.

Matt Illorde wrote:

Kaya meron naka lagay sa mga govt vehicles na “FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY”. Kailan naging official na puede sa gamitin sa campaigning? Ano kaya maging comment ng COMELEC dito. Alam ko pinagbabawal ang ganitong practice. Pnoy is still the president, and should devote his remaining days in office to attend to presidential works and not joining the LP campaign. (That is why all government vehicles have this, “FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY”. When did it become official to use it for campaigning? What is the opinion of the Comelec on the issue? I am aware this practice is not allowed. Pnoy is still the president, and should devote his remaining days in office to attend to presidential works and not joining the LP campaign.

Teddy Lorca III disagreed with those critical of the Malacanang statement and wrote:

250th Presidential Airlift Wing:

Mission: To provide safe, secure and effective air transportation for the President of the Republic of the Philippines, the immediate members of his/her family, visiting Heads of State, State guests, and other VVIPs.

Malinaw po: Immediate members of his/her family

Naintindhan mo ba? Hahahaha ( Do you understand this? Hahaha)

Matt Illorde twits the commenter and wrote:

In campaigning? naintindahan mo rin? (In campaigning? Do you understand that?)

Wellpogs Ako joined the debate and wrote:

Teddy, Official USE only!!! Kug baga…ung perang TAXES natin gagamitin sa pangkampanya nila…dig that?? (In essence, out taxes are being used for their campaign sorties. Dig that?)

Meinard Rivera wrote:

Presidential hekicopter is for president’s official use dapat hindi sa pag kampanya. Walang karapatan lalo na gamitin for partisan politics ng “First Family” ang government property. Kaya nalulustay ang kaban ng bayan dahil sa ganitong baluktot na pag-iisip at palusot na ‘Tuwid na Daan’ kuno. ( Presidential helicopter is for President’s official use not for campaign sorties. The “First Family” has no right to use government property for partisan politics. That is the reason why the national treasury is being drained because of this crooked thinking to justify the “Straight Path” slogan.

Meanwhile, the Duterte camp lead by Gov. Manny Pinol laments the sad state of the Pnoy government and wrote and scathing criticism against the crooked mindset of this government and wrote:

Today, I saw four photos posted in the freedom wall by a Facebook user which showed Presidential sister and actress Kris Aquino landing in Dalaguete, Cebu to join a Liberal Party campaign using not one, but five government helicopters.

Immediately, my blood boiled because two weeks earlier, a forest fire broke out in Mt. Apo destroying virgin forests with centuries-old red cedar trees.

The government sent one helicopter to drop water on the fire zone to no avail.

But in Dalaguete, Cebu yesterday, Kris Aquino was allowed to use five helicopters to join an LP campaign sortie.

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