Legal expert says Faeldon not accountable for ‘misinterpreting’ RA 10592 or GCTA law for convicts

After the humiliating senate hearing turned national spectacle by the Senators, BuCor Chief Nic Faeldon was sacked by President Duterte.

Not contented, some senators want to hold Faeldon answerable by filing the appropriate charges for the released of thousands of convicts using the GCTA law.

Well, human beings are indeed cruel!

The man is already down and out, lost his job for implementing a flawed law, which Drilon himself admitted to reporters during the weekend and they want him Faeldon to face charges?

Are Senators out of their minds? Are they correct?

If you asks Atty. Soledad Mawis, dean of the Lyceum of the Philippines University College of Law, Faeldon can only be held accountable if it can be proven that he had no factual basis to allow the release of convicts for good conduct.

In other words, it’s a big NO!

Mawis was interviewed by an ANC news anchor and this is what she said on national TV:

“As far as the convicts are concerned, the issue should be: Did they not at all or did they display good conduct? That is the issue. If there is no factual basis, of course, one can be held liable.”

Meanwhile on the request by some sectors that the implementation of the GCTA law is to be suspended, Mawis responded that there’s also no basis to suspend the implementation of the GCTA.

Rather, Mawis said the government should instead review the law’s conflicting provisions on inmates convicted of heinous crimes, and add safeguards, like holding a court hearing before an inmate is given his release papers.

Dean Mawis also suggested limiting the decision-making power of the Bureau of Corrections to avoid a repeat of the mass-release of inmates in the future.

Video below courtesy of ABS-CBN.

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Source: ABS-CBN News

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